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Jeanette bloodlines naked skin

Another skin for Jeanette, detailed instructions and information found in the readme.txt it. Rar contained, thanks to a Lokilife


Vampire – The Masquerade Bloodlines: Jeanette Modified Skin

Note: All the above modifications at your own risk, which is best before backups
download to the folders.

Installation bloodlines naked skin:

– By VPKTool of the folders Turvy “Vampire – Bloodlines \ vampire \ pack001.vpk to unpack pack009.vpk.

– Copy the included “materials” folder in the root directory of bloodlines and
so that the Ursprьnglichen download, or in the folder contained Jeanette Files
after “… \ Vampire \ materials \ models \ character \ npc \ unique \ santa_monica \ jeanette
. Copy

With Jeanette bloodlines naked skin modification, the skin-Jeanette-character in the game a little more respectable
(See-through top, anatomically correct representation below the Gьrtellinie, new hair color, tattoos …).

The Skin be applied to any other characters, eg Jeanette-Ghul, prostitute, etc.
These include:
– In the folder “… Vampire \ models \ character \ …” under “npc” or “search pc” to Model files

– the content of “vampire … \ models \ character \ npc \ unique \ santa_monica \ jeanette”

– And rename eg “jeanette.dx7_2bone.vtx” in “heather.dx7_2bone.vtx”
(Ctrl + c and Ctrl + v and use the old name skins!).

Much Enjoy! lokilife

Jeanette Bloodlines Naked Skin
Jeanette Bloodlines Naked Skin
4.9 MB
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