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The Witcher Erotic Cards

This mod adds 2 new erotic cards to the game. The functionality was confirmed. The download has been updated and added a German manual. Thanks to MDuss.

Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Witcher + 1.3 Price of Neutrality



Method for adding the sex cards to The Price of Neutrality (TPoN)

You need the Gamepatch 1.3 and the Gameeditor. This works with the Enhanced Edition too.

1. Open the Djinni Editor

2. Load the module named m1_module.adv (TPoN)

3. With the Djinni editor still open, copy the files:

Found in the file.
(That you downloaded from either of the sites above)

To the folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\User Name*\Local Settings\Application Data\The Witcher\temp\__ResourcesUnpackTmp

*Where “User Name” is the name of the user that installed the witcher into there PC.

It should ask you if you wish to override the files found in the folder. Click Yes.

4. In the Djinni editor, under the module tab at the top, pick the “Save Module As” button.
Save it as m1_module.adv

Note: that this will override the TPoN adventure. I would recommend creating a backup of this file.
However I have loaded TPoN after using this method, and didn’t come across any problems.

Witcher Sex Cards
Witcher Sex Cards
390.5 KB
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