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NWN 2 Nude Patch

Packed NWN 2 Nude Patch changed the models and textures of the game.


Zylch000’s Nude Model and Textures v0.3

Description NWN 2 Nude Patch

This package contains a baseline model and texture set for the Human female

Note that currently, this only overrides the Human Female model

* Hands!
* Feet!
* UV texture coordinate remap
* Texture templates, including UV grid

Installation NWN 2 Nude Patch

Place everything under /Override in your NWN2 game Override directory.
Included by default are the high resolution textures that have been saved at
8:8:8:8 ARGB (32 bit) instead of the lower quality DXT5.  If these textures
cause problems, I have included the DXT5 encoded textures in the /low-res

Files in NWN 2 Nude Pack:


Notes about NWN 2 nude mod

Initially this was intended to be an experiment into what is possible with
this new NWN2 model framework and texture system which includes normal
mapping.  Without commercial tools for normal mapping, LOD model creation,
and the lack of adequate SKIN/Bones support for the MDB format, it becomes
fairly difficult to create high quality textures and models.  They certainly
didn’t make it easy for us to reskin and add new models, but it’s possible
to get some pretty good results with a decent amount of work.  There are
also some passable tools available for free from NVIDIA and ATI.

Thanks to BlueKobold for his initial Nuke Hak.  I began with his models and
modified them to more closely match the shape of my high res model, while
creating new textures and normal maps.

Using the model and textures in-game NWN 2

In order to use this as your base “no-clothes” model for you player character,
you have to do some save game hacking.
You’ll need the Modified GFFEditor which can be found here:

1. Create a new game as normal and save your game or use an existing save
2. Using the GFFEditor (not include in NWN 2 nude patch pack), open the “playerlist.ifo” file in the save game
folder where you just saved.  (should be somewhere like:
C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\saves)
3. Expand the tree until you can see a large list of values.
4. Edit the value for “ArmorVisualType” and set it to “10” by entering that
value in the “Basic Field Data” box on the right hand side.
5. Now, scroll down until you see the tint records and expand the following
Tintable(1st entry)->Tint->1
6. Copy the values for a,b,g,r from Tint_Head to the Tintable record
This will color the skin tone of the NK model to the same skin tone as
your character.
7. Save the file and load your game in NWN2

Voila! The Emperor has new clothes!

Revision History
– Complete UV remap to make the textures easier to work with
– In NWN 2 Nude Patch Added Boots and Gloves that replace the P_HHF_CL_??01 models.  The main
textures, P_HHF_Body01, are used for these new models.
– Fixed neck to line up with head better
– Fixed arms and legs to connect to hands and feet properly
– Fixed vertex bone weights so things bend and move properly (including

– Fixed SKIN vertex distortions around shoulders and arms.  The knees are
still an issue due to the tools.  Somehow the bones are not importing
correctly, so I cannot get the correct rotation for testing.

Initial release

– Create tutorial for converting textures that use older versions of the model
to the new UV texture coordinates
– Create versions for other races

Nwn 2 Nude Patch
Nwn 2 Nude Patch
2.8 MB
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