NWN 2 nude

This nude patch Elanee, Neeshka, Shandra and Zhjaeve be topless. This NWN 2 nude patch was tested with the German version 1.0 but, should therefore
other versions work.


Nude patch Neverwinter Nights 2


This Nude patch Elanee, Neeshka, Shandra and Zhjaeve be topless.

Nude patch this was tested with the German version 1.0, but should also
other versions work.


None. There are no files Nude patch changes for those in the game.

NWN 2 nude installer:

Simply copied the folder


from this rar file in the folder
C: \ Documents and Settings \ USER \ My Documents. \ Neverwinter Nights 2 \ override.

That’s it.

Have fun.

NWN uninstaller 2 nude patch:

Just the above folder NWN2_Materials from the override folder.

FAQ nude NWN 2:

Q: Where is Quara? You wrote in the forum, that is also the nude …
A: Quara appropriated by their  unfortunately not for a
Nude patch. I only fell on when I took off her mage robes times. Sorry.

Q: Shandra is without even below. GEIL! Do you know the others as well?
A: No. Shandra offered by the skin-tight pants really bear all other
Rцcke …

Q: My main character is not nude … why not?
A: Because I help mьsste textures in 3-digit area . No, let ma, am

Q: Have met Shandra on the farm, but not nude …!
A: Shandra joins  to your group. If you train them, they The Nude

Q: I’m not with the patch.
A: check please whether you live in your own files in Saveordner of Neverwinter
Nights 2 (can also Atari / Neverwinter Nights 2) be in the override folder
Directory NWN2_Materials have. In this list, 12 *. dds files
lie. This directory will override the preferred zip files of the game.

Nwn 2 Nude
Nwn 2 Nude
2.5 MB

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