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Necrolords Neverwinter Nights 2 nude skins

The following breeds are exposed with the patch:

People (m / w)
Elf (m / w)
Halflings (m / w)
Half-Elf (m / w)
Genasi (m / w)
Half-orcs (m)
Gnome (m)
Dwarves (m)

Furthermore, the combination seems to be possible quite large.


NWN2 Necrolord’s Full Nudes Skins

Author: Necrolord

Version 1.05

Version history:
v 1.0 16 November 2007 – Initial Release
v 1:01 18 November 2007 – fixed a small bug with gnome females
v 1:02 19 November 2007 – Added flaccid version to females, changed
The numbering of the strap ons, added a few
UTI files.
v 1.03 21 November 2007 – Changed the female nudes from zylch000’s to
Blue goblin due to some weirdness with the
textures. Blue Kobolds have been modified
slightly to provide a different hair color & a
hairless version. Also included the male
torso / underpants from Blue Imp’s pack.

v 1:04 22 November 2007 – Ahem .. right … I managed to mix up some of
the texture files and forgot to include some
others … Blame lack of sleep. Anyway, quick
fixed to 1.03. Pretend it never happened: P

v 1:05 26 November 2007 – The default nudes are now back to zylch000’s,
with BK’s being an alternative. Both of their
boots and gloves are in also. As a small bonus
I’ve also made some blue prints for bare feet and hands
along with a few attempts of various strap-ons
using aleanne’s clothing. If you do not have her
clothing on your server (for mp) or your overrides (for sp)
these blue prints WILL NOT work.

Introduction Neverwinter Nights 2 nude skins

Hello and welcome to the readme! Here you’ll find out anything
you need to know about the nudes within. I’ve listed instructions
on how to use them, known issues and a detailed list of what’s

Contained within this Necrolord Neverwinter Nights 2 nude skins

package you’ll find full body nudes for:

  • Human (male & female),
  • Halfling (f & m),
  • Elf (f & m),
  • Half-Elf (f & m),
  • Planetouched (f & m),
  • Half-Orc (male),
  • Gnome (male),
  • Dwarf (male).

First let’s take a moment to thank those who made this possible.
That would be Zylch000, Blue pixie, Barrel of Monkeys and
RunnerDuck for their amazing work on creating the nude skin bases
For the races in this package.

Now you’re probably wondering, “Does this mean we get a
weiner? Do I get my pair of ginormous Cohon? ” The answer is yes!
The package contains anatomically correct males, both with
erect and limp versions of their private parts, as well as body
skins both with and without hair for both genders. As an added
Bonus the male private parts fit onto females of all races (with
the “limp” version replaced with a ball-less version for the females).

I’ll also note that this package includes Zylch000’s and Blue goblin work
(With the exception of the wizard robe change), so unless you
want naked wizards you do not need to keep a separate version
of their work. It will therefore overlap with the “Female Body Armor Base”
by barrel of monkeys and runnerduck, but that will not make any
difference to your usage of them ingame.

Instructions for Neverwinter Nights 2 nude patch

Usaage game (single player):
For ingame usage I’ve included the uti files for some of the
available designs. Open the console, type “DebugMode 1”
(Without the “) and then type” GiveItem “followed by the
code you want.

Code Result
mnerect nude times, erect member, hairless (works on females too)
mnherect Male nude, erect, with hair (works on females)
mnlimp Male nude, limp member, hairless (works on females too)
mnhlimp Male nude, limp, with hair (works on females too)
fnberect Female nude, erect, hairless, without balls (on males it does not have private parts)
fnbherect Female nude, erect, with hair, without balls (on males it does not have private parts)
fnblimp Female nude, limp, hairless, without balls (on males it does not have private parts)
fnbhlimp Female nude, limp, with hair, without balls (on males it does not have private parts)
femnude Female nude, hairless (no private parts)
femhnude Female nude, with hair (no private parts),
femstrap Female black strap on (male has no private parts)
femstrap1 Female black leather straps with strap on
femstrap2 Female red leather straps with a strap on
Female femstrap3 gold chains with a strap on
femstrap4 Female red chains with a strap on
femstrap5 Female black chains with a strap on
Erinyes femstrap6 Female black clothing with a strap on
BKhands Naked hands gloves (BK’s, females only)
Naked hands hands (m & f)
BKfeet Naked feet boots (BK’s)
Naked feet feet (m & f)

NWN2 Toolset nude skins Usage:

The “extremities” are not on the actual skins, they’re implemented as
belt accessories on the armours (not sure if they can be used as
separate belts too). The bare feet and gloves are also under the
armor accessories. All the contents are listed under the Naked type
part of each. That’s the last one on the list for those who’re at a loss
where to find it: P

Here’s a short list of the items:

Type variation Result
Naked Body 255 Body, hairless, for the races listed above (m & f)
254 Naked Body body, with hair, for the races listed above (m & f)
Body 253 BK’s naked body, hairless, for the races listed above (f)
Body 252 BK’s naked body, with hair, for the races listed above (f)
Body Same as 0 for females and 255 male underpants (m & f)
Boots Naked 0 feet for the races listed above (m & f)
Boots 1 Naked feet for females (BK’s)
0 Gloves Naked hands for all races (most use obsidian’s version)
0 Gloves (UNDER CLOTH) bare hands for females
Belt Erect member 0 for all races (m & f)
Belt 1 Limp member for all races (m & f)
Belt 2 Erect ball-less member for females of all races (f)
Belt 3 Limp ball-less member for females of all races (f)
Belt 10 Tintable plain colored member with balls for females (for strap-on use)
Belt 11 Tintable plain colored member without balls for females (for strap on use)

Contents of Neverwinter Nights 2 nude mod:

Filename prefix:
Human male: P_HHM_
Human female: P_HHF_
Halfling male: P_HHM_
Halfling female: P_HHF_
Planetouched male: P_HHM_
Planetouched female: P_HHF_
Half-Elf male: P_HHM_
Half-Elf female: P_HHF_
Eleven male: P_EEM_
Eleven female: P_EEF_
Half-Orc male: P_OOM_
Dwarf male: P_DDM_
Gnome male: P_GGM_

Type: Naked (brakets contain the second part for each filename)

nk_body01.mdb: Blue pixie’s nude female & male torso.
nk_body256.mdb: This is the default hairless nude skin for each model.
nk_body255.mdb: Similar to 256 but has some hair around the pelvic area.
nk_body254.mdb: BK’s hairless nude skin for each males.
nk_body253.mdb: Similar to 254 but has some hair around the pelvic area.

nk_gloves01.mdb: This comes by default obsidian but, just in case you
did not know, that’s where the bare hands are. The female hands
for eleven o’clock and human females are the exception, these use Blue Imp’s
versions of the bare hands.
cl_gloves01.mdb: BK’s bare hands. May cause white gloves issue with some clothing.

nk_boots01.mdb: Bare feet, slightly modified from Zylch000’s (females) and
shirtless saga (males).
nk_boots02.mdb: Bare feet, slightly modified from Blue Imp’s (females).

nk_belts01.mdb: The erect member model for all races. Humans, halflings,
Half-elves and plaintouched share the same model. Elves
half-orcs, dwarves and gnomes each have their own model.
nk_belts02.mdb: The limp version of the member for each race. Models are
similar to the above.
nk_belts03.mdb: Erect ball-less version of the above for females only.
nk_belts04.mdb: Limp ball-less version of the above for females only.
nk_belts11.mdb: The plain textured version of belt01 for females, intended for
use as a strap on.
nk_belts12.mdb: The plain textured version of belt02 for females, intended for
use as a strap on.

Neverwinter Nights 2 nude skins textures:

Skin Texture:
p_hhm_nk_body256 (male hairless)
p_hhm_nk_body01 (male underpants)
p_hhf_nk_body256 (female hairless)
p_hhm_nk_body255 (male with hair)
p_hhf_nk_body255 (female with hair)
p_hhf_nk_body01 (BK’s female nude textures)
p_hhm_nk_boots01 (bare feet)
p_hhm_nk_belt11 (female strap on)
P_HAF_Head01 (included from blue leprechaun’s nudes)

Known Issues NWN2 nude patch:

Belt Bug:
It’s a well known problem that will not armor belt accessories
appear when wearing a belt in the separate inventory. As such
if you are wearing a belt when you put on any armor that has
private parts, it will not show up You’ll need to unequip the belt
prior to equipping the armor. This is not to bug and obsidian
something I can fix. Sorry: /

Polymorph / Shapeshift / Wild Shape bug in NWN2 nude patch:
When using a spell that changes your shape for the first time, NWN2
has a bug where your no-clothes Appearance assume whatever you want
were wearing at the time. If you were wearing one of the above
Appearance will be your no clothes is similar to but with some weird
variations in color (which I think assumes the color of some other
part of your body, but not sure which).

Shadow lines in nude patch NWN2: hi res The default female nudes occassionaly may show up
with strange black shadow lines over them, either on the body, the boots
or both. I’ve no clue how or why these show up, but guesses are that it
happens if there’s more than one instance of the same file in your
overrides / Hak. If they bother you too much, use BK’s alternatives.

White Gloves: I’ve discovered that the white gloves issue happens when
the default cloth gloves are replaced with bare hands, but there is no specific
selection is made via the toolset for that outfit (ie leave it at default). I’ve left
a pair of hands in as cloth01, but may change it if there are complaints.

Future Plans ================ ==================
These are a few things I’m considering for the future updates

Female half-orc and gnome nudes! The meshes are easily modified
to appear as nude skins, the problem I’m having is wrapping a
texture around the mesh. I’ll have to do a lot of learning to uv map
actually accomplish this, so it might take a while. If anyone feels
like helping or wants to take over this part, feel free to contact me.
And before you ask, female dwarves are going to be especially
hard / impossible to do since beast of “nude” mesh provided by obsidian
is full of dint and folds from the clothes. So I would not hope for it
any time soon.

Bigger wine. As I’m sure you’ll ask, I do plan on making a few bigger
versions, mainly for the human / Halfling / half planetouched /-eleven and eleven o’clock
races, male and female. Seeing as how the half-orc, gnome and dwarf
races probably will not get bigger versions, I made their initial ones quite
proportional. If there’s demand for other sizes or variations I may
consider doing those too.

================== ================= Permissions
Feel free to use, modify or redistribute any of the meshes or textures
within this package for Neverwinter Nights 2 provided that proper
credit is given and they are not used for profit.

Credits =================== ====================
Obsidian – for making the game and.. err … the male naked gloves.

RunnerDuck and Barrel of Monkeys – for the meshes and textures
Of all the male bodies along with all the bare feet. Honestly these
guys did a terrific job.

Zylch000 & Blue Imp – For their excellent work on the meshes
and textures used on the human and elf female, though I’m sure
most of you have already seen their works.

Necrolord (that’s me!) – For spending all those hours making male
reproductive organs … Believe me when I say it’s enough to give
you nightmares <_ <

Necrolords Neverwinter Nights 2 Nude Skins
Necrolords Neverwinter Nights 2 Nude Skins
3.1 MB
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