Command and Conquer Renegade Nude Skins

This mod removes the clothing of one of the female NPC whose name I just do not remember. Presumably, Sakura. Credits: Benjamin Haisch.


This program will simply unpack all the files from the “Mix” archives used by C&C-Renegade. Just give it the name of a resource file (in the demo, there are only two of them: “always.dat” and “C&C_Under.mix”) and optionally the name of the destination directory (otherwise a subdirectory called like the resource file without the extension will be created).

C&C Renegade is (c) Westwood Studios. I’m in no way affiliated or related to Westwood Studios. This program is solely my work and not authorised or supported by
Westwood Studios. I’m not responsible for any data loss or other damages caused by the use of this program.

Command And Conquer Renegade Nudity Patch
Command And Conquer Renegade Nudity Patch
1.0 MB

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