WOTLK Loading Screens for Alliance

Four  HQ Loading screens: Kalimdor (Night Elf), Eastern kindoms (Human), Outlands (The Legion), Northtrend (The Scourge).

Compatibility: For Warcraft 3.0+ (WotLK)


In this a Loading Screens nude patch for the WOTLK for world of warcraft (Alliance), the best pictures of artists World of Porncraft are collected together. Your expectation of loading of game will not be now such boring. Elves with beautiful bums, dissolute orcs with the big titss and other characters will brighten up your time, thanks to it a wotlk nude mod for the Warcraft loading screen.

Created by Zilem

Wotlk Loading Screens For Alliance Zilem
Wotlk Loading Screens For Alliance Zilem
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