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Sacred nude patch II

The patch stripped of the Seraphim, High Elf and Dryad.
ReadMe and instructions can be found in the. Exe,
One goes to Zaze thanks for the patch.

Sacred Nude patch same as v1 but, in this version were adjusted to represent the high elves, and there is the option, the Seraphim, without wings.


Sacred nude patch of Zaze ”
Modifierte itemtype by Captain cabac

The “pak” and “invoke scripts” Directories and paste into the  of Sacred 2 Copy.

Added the directory is “/ pak / mq” for medium texture.

for low texture setting, just one folder “lq” in the “/ Pak create and copy the files from the directory” mq “into the directory” lq ”

for high texture setting simply create a folder hq “” and copy the files from “mq” pure.

In the / scripts / shared folder then 3.

1st Nude_Sera_ohne_Fluegel adapted itemtype.txt where Seraphin has no mod
2nd Nude_Sera_mit_Fluegel itemtype.txt where Seraphin has adapted their standard of mod
3rd Backup original itemtype.txt

Set the desired itemtype.txt simply copy the / scripts / shared.

Additional that still are the pictures Adapted from “Tkon” in the folder:

Topless elf / fairy Reloaded manual is in the folders.

Thanks to Zaze Helpful Information for the original patch, and to “Tkon” for High Elf, the adjusted images.
Captain cabac

Sacred Ii Nude Patch
Sacred Ii Nude Patch
1.9 MB
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