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Red Lights Bordello oblivion sex mod

The oblivion sex mod adds a new building in the Imperial City. A brothel.

Note that very early beta.


Saurion Red Lights Nude Mod v0.1
by drcolossus


Please be aware that this mod is far from complete! This oblivion nude mod has
been released to the public because I have no time to continue the work
on it. I’ve put quite some time and ideas into the mod so it would be
great if somebody else who has the time and enthusiasm to continue the
development. Otherwise this mod release can be seen as a base of ideas
for somebody who might start their own ‘red light’ mod.

DESCRIPTION oblivion sex mod

This oblivion sex mod adds a whorehouse to the Imperial City Elven
Gardens District. The house is located at the direct opposite to the
district entry gate. The establishment features hostesses, a bouncer and
a boss.

– Eight hostesses (Jeanne the Breton, Solicia the Redguard,
Fiana the Kahjit, Velen the Wood Elf, Kayla the Nord, Talia the Dark
Elf, Beth the Imperial, Lady Belloque the High Elf and Mistress Rally
the Redguard)
– A Bouncer (Brad the Bouncer, Nord)
– A Boss (Saurion Teltier, Argonian)
– A Customer (It’s actually Primo Antonius from the DB Who Dunnit quest)
– Hiring Service (5 of the girls can be hired so far)
– Saurion Red Lights Quest (unfinished)
– Saurion Red Lights Faction and Ranks)
– The Saurion Red Lights Establishment (with ground floor, upper floor,
penthouse, basement, prison and spa)

INSTALL oblivion sex mod

Copy the files of oblivion sex patch in the Data folder to the Oblivion game data
folder. The Script folder doesn’t need to be copied.

To hire a girl, go to the counter and talk to Beth.
Choose the girl (note that you cannot hire Beth, Lady Belloque and
Mistress Rally at this time). After that talk to the girl and she will
guide you to her room. There she will get naked and go to sleep. A
session takes 2 IG hours, after that you can hire another girl. All
ladys are essential until after you hired them at least once (that means
after hiring a girl for the first time, she can be killed). Hiring is
still bugged! I don’t recommend to hire a girl shortly before midnight
because some scripts use the current time to set the hiring time. If you
attack a girl while hiring her, she will eventually run away and
outside. In that case wait for several hours and she will come back.

Talk to Lady Belloque and she will give you a quest if your
disposition for her is over 50. This quest isn’t finished at all! Only
the first part is done (talking to the Skooma Dealer in the Imperial
Market Disctrict). The idea behind this quest was that the player is
first doing jobs for Lady Belloque, later for Mistress Rally and then at
last for Saurion Teltier. There is another opposing faction to the
Saurion Establishment from whom Saurion regularly buys Skooma. However
sometime later in the quest, the opposing faction (to whom the Skooma
Dealer belongs) offers the player to work for them and to betray
Saurion. At the end the player has to fight and kill Saurion (who is a
very though boss) and becomes the owner of the SRL establishment. From
then on the player can use the penthouse as his own property and earns
money from the SRL service outcome.

Note that the ranks don’T work yet but they are included in the
mod! As the player joins the SRL quest she/he gains SRL faction and can
get higher in rank. The rank titles are as follows (for male and
female)… 1 Lad Hussy 2 Chap Harlot 3 Dog Bitch 4 Male Servant Female
Servant 5 Playboy Playgirl 6 Casanova Concubine 7 Sir Lady 8 Tempter
Temptress 9 Master Mistress 10 Overlord Goddess

He is the owner and boss of the establishment. He lives
in the penthouse on the topmost floor and only shows up for a couple of
hours per day. The penthouse is locked and only Saurion and Mistress
Rally own a key to it (However for testing I’ve put a key on the upper
floor ground, near the tables in the dining room).

Lady Belloque is the caretaker of the business. She is the
first person to talk to for starting the quest.

Mistress is a high class hostess who only accepts high
paying customers. She is also Saurions favorite and will spend time with
him every day.

There is also a basement, a prison (connected to the
basement) and a spa (from the other basement door). But these have no
special functionality so far. They were thought to become parts of the
SRL quest.

All SRL related objects/scripts/etc. start with SRL in the
editor. The cells are named ICElvenGardensSaurionRedLights…

If interested in continuing development of this mod or on any
other feedback please comment at

Red Lights Bordello Oblivion Sex Mod
Red Lights Bordello Oblivion Sex Mod
1.1 MB
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