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Adults nude mod for Oblivion

A Nude Mod for Oblivion, which brings some new armor and dialogues with them. More information can be found in the readme.txt


About Nude Mod for Oblivion

Adults Only Rating for Oblivion (pretty Enhancements) Version 1.2 – mod by anonymous

*** the file is in .7z compressed format ***
Uncompressed, the total files are about 90MB in size (!)

v1.2 WHAT’S NEW:

– Heather now should level up with you; she starts at a minimum level 10 and above this will always be one level less than yours
– Heather no longer casts spells, since an apparent bug with the Oblivion Game Engine made her healing spells ineffective
– Heather’s sack has more sexy clothes for her adventures with you, thanks several folks (see Kudos)
– There is no longer a BSA file, instead all the files are in the MESHES, TEXTURES, and SOUND folders


To install this mod specifically, unzip the single zip file into you OBLIVION\DATA directory. Instead of a single BSA file, Heather’s MESHES and TEXTURES are now extracted. This means you should copy the contents of the MESHES and TEXTURES folders to your MESHES and TEXTURES folder. This will help with identifying conflicts (i.e., if you already have a file that might be over-ridden by this… then you might have a conflicting mod already installed on your machine). For additional install notes, see the bottom of this text or check the threads at

Please note this mod is purely for fun, your fun and mine. No warranty or tech support comes with the mod. As a disclaimer, PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MOD IF YOU ARE OFFENDED by its content.

FAQ Nude Mod for Oblivion:

If you cannot locate Heather, you should note that as part of her AI, she *does* wander and has a life of her own (she’s not just waiting for you). Many people initially couldn’t find her and did, either in the Priory, the Inn next door, or the Chapel. If you still have no luck, turn off and then back on this mod (a new initialization). As soon as you load your game, pull up the console (with `) and type the command “coc WeynonPrioryExterior” which will teleport you immediately to where Heather’s location should be.

In case you need to update your ArchiveInvalidation.txt file, the easiest way is to place the following commands in it:

meshes/ \s
textures/ \s
sound/ \s
music/ \s

There is a known bug that seems to stem from the game engine. If you try and swap-out Heather’s inventory too many times, the AI for her character seems to freeze and she stops moving her body or her lips. You are still able to talk with her, just no movement. To fix this, save you game and reload it, she should be unfrozen and back as normal! Try not to change her clothes too often. Also, do not take everything out of the sack at once or you might become over-encumbered (weight of all of the items exceeds 177). You have been warned.

Heather does not use healing potions (haven’t been able to write an AI to do this appropriately) so watch her in combat. That said, she is both an Essential NPC and respawnable, so she should not die and if you do encounter a bug, you can respawn “aaaNPC” which is Heather’s template in the Construction Kit. Also, feel free to mod Heather in the kit to your own personal liking. Please note: No additional technical support is given for this mod, sorry.


I would like to make a plug for a different nude patch for Oblivion by rain4november called “The Ancient Source”. This mod provides a large estate north of Weynon Priory for you and Heather. It’s extremely detailed and rich! You can download it and it makes for a good location to store Heather’s stuff between adventures.

v1.2 KUDOS:

Should go to Eshme, Obliviane, Growlf, and Cynder for elements of their mods (clothing and armor) that were incorporated into this latest release of Heather. Check the two newly added screenshots for her latest looks. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MOD IF YOU ARE OFFENDED.


This Nude mod for Oblivion incorporates various mods already available to the collective community into a mod which adds a Female Companion NPC to the game. Note, this mod which probably would earn an “adults only” rating. The NPC, Heather Golightly, has the ability to follow you, fight with you, share food with you, and (if you so desire) engage in an “adventurous” liasion with you.

You will find Heather Golightly outside Weynon Priory near a well. You will also find nearby a small sack on the ground (from the well, in the direction of Chorrol, near some bushes). In the sack are some interesting items intended for Heather. Heather has the ability to use both a bow and a dagger in combat, and is equipped with both. The default attack for her is ranged, but she will switch to melee if rushed by an attacker. If you wish to change Heather’s equipment, switch to stealth mode (she will crouch down), and click on her. This will not count as pickpocketing, but any items you add to Heather’s inventory will be reequipped when you are done.

If you want to change Heather’s abilities, appearance, equipment, or other attributes you can use the Construction Kit to modify values in the prettyEnh.esp file. Note that this file and the associated *.bsa file need to retain similar names, as the *.bsa file is compressed and contains several additional meshes and textures.

This mod also includes voiceovers (cloned from Bethesda’s voices to fit with the NPC), some of with involve heavy innuendo as to adult activities. This mod is only intended for those looking for some additional interactions between characters. In my opinion, Bethesda should have also included outhouses (perhaps chamberpots which use magicka to flush) and a visual effect when drunk, for added realism too. Humans have natural urges of all sorts, after all. Again, PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MOD IF YOU ARE OFFENDED.

v1.0 KUDOS:

1. Natural Faces – LilDeamon
2. Companion Gabrielle v0.7 – Aridale (who now has an updated version as well)
3. Aleanne Blue and Translucent Glass armors – Aleanne
4. Countess Dress Reskin – Try4Ce
5. Ringmail Underwear
6. Nude Topless Texture Revamp v1.2 Final – RyanFyu
7. Eshmes Female Bodies and Clothes English and German version – Obliviane
8. Eshmes Female Bodies and Clothes: New Cloth Textures – Growlf
9. Voiceovers – Bethesda Game Studios
10. Oblivion – Bethesda Game Studios (after all, without the game, there’d be no mods)

If there are others I have forgotten to thank, please forgive me and know that this is a work by the collective modding community, for the collective modding community.  🙂

INSTALL Nude patch for Oblivion:

This file (Nude patch for Oblivion) incorporates several mods, as noted above. Where possible, this mod has been altered such that it strives not to conflict with the mods, should you already have them installed. However, conflicts probably, invariably, will occur.

If you already have one or more of the mods above, the best installation would be to (1) backup your existing mods, (2) relocate to a temporary location the mods mentioned above, (3) install this mod. Test this mod to confirm it works fine with this approach. Then, if you like, you can re-install the mods above as well and see if conflicts occur. Please note: No technical support is given for this mod, sorry.

To install this Nude patch for Oblivion specifically, unzip the single zip file into you OBLIVION\DATA directory.
This will add files to your “MESHES”, “TEXTURES”, and “SOUND” directories. Additionally, “prettyEnh.esp” should be copied into the data directory. Launch Oblivion, select to include “prettyEnh.esp” (the mod), and proceed to play the game.


You are free to redistribute this mod *as long as* this readme file is included unchanged, giving credit where credit is due to ALL the folks involved. Again, PLEASE DO *NOT* DOWNLOAD IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY ANYTHING MENTIONED ABOVE IN THIS DESCRIPTION.

Version 1.2; 18 June 2006

Adults Nude Mod For Oblivion
Adults Nude Mod For Oblivion
17.3 MB
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