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Oblivion Player Slaver Additions

Some useful additions for an enslavement system. Now you can play as a slaver in Oblivion. This mod adds ability (special spell) to bind/unbind your slaves (or any NPC) with special wrist irons. Also it includes iron collar, ankle irons and gag (which has silence effect) as normal equipable items, so they can be used by both NPCs and player. Requires: OBSEBLOCKHEAD. Credits: DMC500, Ichabod (used meshes).


How to install it:

  • Download and install OBSE, then BLOCKHEAD.
  • Unpack the “Oblivion-player-slaver-additions” anywhere you want. Go to the “Player Slave Encounters” folder and copy its content into your Data\Meshes\
  • Select the “Characters” folder and place it into your Data\Meshes\
  • Copy the “A0GAG.esp” file into data directory.
  • Activate the mod in the “Data Files” section of the oblivion launcher.
  • Enjoy!

How to get it:

Content of this mod is available through little quest, that’ll show just after you start game.

Version 1.2

Added ability to gag+bind NPCs or just bind with appropriate animations (to do this you must have gag in your inventory).

Oblivion player slaver additions
Oblivion player slaver additions
Version: 1.2
43.5 MB
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