World of Warcraft Loading Screen

Loading Screen – Tempest Keep – World of Porncraft Edition

Сhanges the Tempest Keep loading screen into one with a topless succubus pic and the WoP logo.

Loading Screen Compatibility: 2.4.3 WOW BC Compliant ONLY


Very amusing patch for change of loading screens.

You can will have fun looking at new erotic wall-paper during loading of game and all thanks to it a nude patch

Really cool patches. I’ve also noticed that the Erotic Loading Screens patch is not compatible with the Special Erotic World of Warcraft patch (the second gets loaded & you never see the first).

I like where this is going though.

Loading Screen – Tempest Keep:  World of PornCraft Edition – Succubus

Author: LazarusX

files within this mpq:

Install Location:
\World OF Warcraft\Data\

Succubus Artwork ɲ007 by Lazarus X

World Of Warcraft Loading Screen
World Of Warcraft Loading Screen
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