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Oblivion full armor nude mod

A … eh armor. The picture says enough.

Note: Exnems Body Mod is needed for Oblivion full armor nude patch.


Deceiver Armour for Exnems Body mod – v 1.0 – by Oxolotl

Retextured see-thru version of the Seductress armour (which is a retexture of Exnem’s Amazon Armour). For the people of Exnem’s forum who wanted me to release it.

Details Oblivion full armor nude mod:

The armour is worn by a deadly assassin who wanders about somewhere near Bawnwatch Camp. She has a nice aim with her bow and won’t think twice about luring you in and then destroying you. She has a powerful attack, but with some reflect damage gear she may go down quickly. If she is too tough let me know!

Armour details:

Around Elven level for armour, this could be upped if wanting a higher level light armour for people to use, again let me know!

Exnem – Female body mod and original armour
Growlf – Steel Mesh Texture
Koldorn – Trim Textures
Oxolotl – Ha!
Raiar the original HG body
MadCatt221 for the upperbody muscle enhancments
Acdale for the lowerbody muscle enhancements and HGEC meshes

Installation Oblivion nude mod:

Extract and place esp plus both folders (textures and meshes) in your Oblivion\Data directory. Activate esp and go play.

Oblivion Full Armor Nude Mod
Oblivion Full Armor Nude Mod
3.0 MB
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  1. can i ask you which skin textures you’re using on this character? if you can give me a link where to download that skin textures on this character would be awesome. i really like the skin textures on her 🙂

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