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Fable Naked Prostitutes

This mod makes the prostitutes of Fable The Lost Chapters partly or completely naked. It includes a new input plate and pictures for the brothel. It was tested with the German version 1.0.


How to Install Fable Naked Prostitutes:

Follow these instructions carefully.

  1. Make a backup of the “textures.big” file from the “pc” folder to any temporary folder. You can find it here: “Fable – The Lost Chapters \ data \ graphics \ pc”.
  2. The Fable Explorer uses MS Dotnet advance 1.1. If you are not on it, download Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 here.
  3. Copy the “textures.big” file from the “Fable – The Lost Chapters \ data \ graphics \ pc” folder to a temporary folder. I’ll call mine “FableTLC” and create another subfolder named “Mod”. Unpack all the content from the compressed package into the ‘FableTLC” folder.
  4. Launch the “FableExplorer.exe” from the “FableExplorer” folder. Click File – > Open and search the textures in FableTLC. At the top left of the small window is the path of the textures. Double click on it. Now click on the “+” sign before the entry “GBANK_MAIN_PC”.
  5. To replace textures you need to do the following: select the best texture in the ultra-long list. The brothel textures find it just above the center of the long list. The registry data begins something like that: [\ DEV \ BBBPROJECTS \ FABLE1_5RELEASE \ FABLE \ RESOURCES \ ART3 \ REGIONS \ DARKWOOD \VILLAGES \ TEXTURE_SPECIAL \] …. TGA.
  6. When the suitable texture is selected, double click on it. The texture will be shown in the right window. To replace the texture you should click on the button “Open a new one”. Now you need to import format (DXT1 or DXT3). Which format you need, you can select under entry type: “Structure”…. the original texture. In your case, this is always “DXT1”.
  7. Click “Browse” and pick any one nude texture from the “FableTLC \ Texturen” folder. Select a file type “.tga”. Open the texture and click on the button “Open”. The texture is now installed. Very important: In the alpha option, you should reduce the value to “0”! Otherwise, the game crashes when loading the texture to 100%.
  8. Click on Apply Changes.
  9. Repeat steps 5-7 for all other nude textures from the “FableTLC \ Texturen” folder.
  10. Right click and you can see the pulldown menu, click “Apply Changes”, then ‘Recompile”. Recompile the files with Fable TLC. It takes a moment.
  11. Copy now only the textures.big from the “FableTLC \ Mod” folder to the “Fable – The Lost Chapters \ data \ graphics \ pc” and go to the brothel. Have fun!
Fable Nude Mod
Fable Nude Mod
4.0 MB
hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

4 thoughts on “Fable Naked Prostitutes”

  1. hey , so , is this working on hero`s underpands, i was searching for something that makes the hero COMPLETLY naked, you know , with his butt and his penins visible . is that included in this ?

  2. For whatever reason, it’s not working. The game works fine, but the patch doesn’t work. I’ve followed the instructions to the letter, yet it won’t allow me to recompile or save.
    Is there anything I’m doing wrong, or is the patch just not working right? Cuz i’m sure my computer is not the problem, I’ve only had it for about 2 weeks.

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