Fable nude mod

Fable Nude patch, more info about the patch and the author finds her in the readme.txt.


Hi, gays.

This nude patch the prostitutes show in Fable The Lost Chapters times
more skin. The pictures are in the brothel and fatter, a new input
plate *.

(* Read funzt not always correct, please Faq Fable nude mod …)

The nude patch was tested with the German version 1.0 but, so
FUNZ in other versions.


First of the file


secure from the folder.: \ Fable – The Lost Chapters \ data \ graphics \ pc.

Nude patch installer Fable

Caution Fable nude patch: Hold Please carefully follow the instructions.

NOTE: Please adhere to these instructions exactly. Any deviation to fьhrt
Crash of the Games …

NOTE 2: The Fable Explorer uses MS Dotnet advance 1.1. Who is not on it, has
download here:

1) the Textures.big Copy from the folder.: \ Fable – The Lost Chapters \ data \
graphics \ pc in a folder. I call my FableTLC times. In these
Folder you created another folder called Mod
Now unpacked the entire contents of the Fable nude patch Rare in these FableTLC

2) Start now FableExplorer.exe FableTLC from the folder. Wдhlt File open ->
and seeks the textures.big in FableTLC folder.

Top left of the small window, the path is now the textures.big. Click
double it. Now click on the + sign in front of the entry GBANK_MAIN_PC.

3) To replace textures it does the following:
Search for the best texture in the ultra-long list out. The brothel textures
finds her just above the center of the long list. The registry data begin
, Entitled:

VILLAGES \ TEXTURE_SPECIAL \] …. TGA. Search is this called for.
Have 4) its a suitable texture discovered, they double click. In the right
Window, the texture, including Mod To replace the texture,
click it on the Open New button. Now and the format of (or DXT1
DXT3). What format you need, You Under Entry Type: Texture – ….
read the original texture. In our case it is always DXT1.

Click on Browse and search out yours.: \ FableTLC \ Textures folder nude
Texture. With the extension *. tga file type from. And now the texture and the Open button.

The texture is now installed. Very important: In the Alpha option (!) You reduce the value to 0!

Otherwise, the game crashes when loading the
Texture to 100%.

Click on Apply Changes.

5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 with all textures from the Nude Rar File (fable nude mod).

6) Are all the textures replaced her textures.big the pack again. These numbers
her with the right mouse button top left of the small window on the path of the
textures.big. In this pulldown menu until you click Apply Changes, then
to Recompile. Recompile the files with Fable TLC enormous. Since
the original textures.big not now, folder
.: \ FableTLC \ mod, the file names in textures.big (if not done already)
them into memory. It takes a moment.

7) Copies now only the textures.big from the folder.: \ FableTLC \ Mod in
the.: \ Fable – The Lost Chapters \ data \ graphics \ pc and goes to the brothel …

Have fun.

————————————————– ———————————–
Nude patch uninstaller:
————————————————– ———————————–

Just the (hopefully) secured earlier textures.big “” File back to the
..: \ Fable – The Lost Chapters copy \ data \ graphics \ pc folder and the existing

FAQ fable nude patch

Q: Why are only the whores topless?
A: The rest is silence, a lot of textures are finally …

Q: The Dominatrix has still have the “belt” to …!?!
A: Right. This is due to the 3D model before this can unfortunately different
she is now down without …

Q: Apply Changes to textures.big coming ne message, the file wдre
too large. What now?
A Recompiled: the textures.big, the problem
Q: Fable crashes when I enter the brothel!
A: Read before you cry … Keep up exactly to the instructions! Most were
the alpha channel is not reduced to zero. Try that again.

effort Q: What for to. Where can I download the complete textures.big Nude?
A: I do not know the file is 508 MB …

Q: I replaced the BORDELLO_SIGN_01.tga and every time I have the texture
regard, it is misrepresented.
A: The problem I have also not been identified and resolve. What
is it? No idea. I recommend keeping the original texture.

Q: I’m was not ranked in the! May I bother you?
A: Sure, write me a mail with what you tried. Then I try
to find the error.

Fable Nude Mod
Fable Nude Mod
4.0 MB

4 thoughts on “Fable nude mod”

  1. hey , so , is this working on hero`s underpands, i was searching for something that makes the hero COMPLETLY naked, you know , with his butt and his penins visible . is that included in this ?

  2. For whatever reason, it’s not working. The game works fine, but the patch doesn’t work. I’ve followed the instructions to the letter, yet it won’t allow me to recompile or save.
    Is there anything I’m doing wrong, or is the patch just not working right? Cuz i’m sure my computer is not the problem, I’ve only had it for about 2 weeks.

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