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Lineage nude patch

Nude patch for MMORPG Lineage


This is a guide to install the FULL Nude patches for Lineage 2 to C2 C5

The basic requirement is that the patch should work without problems is an update of the game is absolutely necessary.

Step 1: First you extract the contents of the folder “l2encdec v.281” in your main directory of Lineage 2
In the even your l2.exe is.

Step 2: patcher.exe ausfьhren should go through without mцglichst Errorґs.

Step 3: Now in the “rar” folder “NakedFutx_140 the” File “NakedF.utx” in your / systextures folder you downloaded.

Step 4: In the downloaded “zip” File is a folder named “NakedF_140” in which for each of C2 to C5
Three different version that you can use. Who we are for one has decided to copy them into
his main directory where the patcher.exe and designate it to “chargrp.

Example: I Lineage 2 C5 wьrde and I like to try the v1. Then I rename the chargrp_v1_C5.dat
chargrp.dat in order and place it in my root directory and replace it with the existing file.

Done! Whom everything was done correctly mьsste the patch work

The patch was created by the website / / edwarset textures

Installation instructions by Mognoss

Wen it still should be asking her this kцnnt also contact me on my web page in the forum post.

Install Lineage nude patch:

There’re three chargrp files here.
First feature two minimally different apporach to a human female mystic’s breasts.
The third one – quite new texture.

Rename to chargrp.txt (C2) or chargrp.dat (C3/C4/C5), then overwrite in system directory.

Requires NakedFutx pack.
You must patch with L2 L2encdec first.

Lineage Nude Patch
Lineage Nude Patch
1.6 MB
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