Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Naked Sheva

This mod replaces Sheva’s standard BSAA outfit with a naked version including tattoos and fishnet stockings in Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition. Comes with a wider field of view fix applied on it. Compatible with the Fluffy’s mod manager. Credits: Kan98426.


How to Install Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Naked Sheva

  1. Don’t forget to create backup of your original files.
  2. Place the “nativePC_MT” folder into your game directory, where the “re5dx9.exe” is located. Overwrite all the files.
  3. Run RE5GE. Select the Sheva’s BSAA costume in order for the mod to work.
The mod only supports “uPl01ShebaNormal.arc” outfit, so it won’t work if you’ll equip melee vest, bulletproof vest or both of them at once.
RE5GE Naked Sheva
RE5GE Naked Sheva
Version: 1.0
14.1 MB

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  1. what are the original files that i must backup? (such as the fig45.arc for the naked athletic jill)

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