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Lara Croft nude patch 5

A successful well Full Nude patch for Lara Croft.



To better I gave you the exact instructions written down again on this patch!

1st Create a new folder and copy the files to CD 5 TR DATA SCREENS, MOVIE, AUDIO and all files with
the extension *. dat (there are 5 Stьck) in this folder.

2nd Highlight all files and put all the files on ARCHIVES (select, right click, properties -> Archive)

3rd Look for now out of the folder – Screens – the list – SCREENS, and the folder – Data – the files: Andrea 1,
Logo 512, U.S. Logo

5th download now the zip file nr5.exe “and unzip it into the newly created directory.

6th Now start the file ” PCTomb5.exe start. Lara should now be in the EVA .

To the other levels also in Lara Croft 5 nude patch to play, you must proceed as follows:

1st To convert kцnnen more levels to Nude Raider Level, you need this tool Fexmerger.
I have it placed in the same with the patch folder.

2nd Install the patch Nude Raiser in any folder.
It is the file andrea1.trc “benцtigt from the folder DATA.

3rd Install the Fexmerger and start him. Click the top left of the tab “File”.
With “Open Source” You wдhlst the file “andrea1.trc from the Nude patch. With “Open Target”
wдhlst you to the file “andrea2.trc” of the original game.

4th The textures of Lara can be found now in “Lara Skin” and “Lara Skin Joints”.
Sit on the left in both  a hook and click on “Merge.”
The textures are now exchanged 1:1. Press “save Save As” under the “File” and the  file.
In the game, Lara is now naked. The second level ready.

6th In Tomb Raider 5 Lara also plays as a young Lara. To watch it here naked, it is done,
as described above. There is also a Nude Tomb Raider 4 Patch. this has been used successfully,
with one from the folder “DATA” from “Tomb Raider 4” file “Angkor1.tr4. At this level plays the young Lara.

7th Choose your download the Fexmerger and under “open source” the file “Angkor1.tr4.
the file from the Tomb Raider game with 5 “Open Target”, textures store and replace it. Done.

I very glad if someone can solve the problem of non-functioning animation.

Thank you so much to “Chrissyx” from its home I downloaded the patch
have on file and 123, who wrote the instructions for building the other levels of TR 5!

Have you enjoy – Ice_Man

Lara Croft 5 Nude Patch
Lara Croft 5 Nude Patch
7.8 MB
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