Tomb raider 3 nude patch

This raider 3 nude patch modifies Tomb Raider 3 Nude Raider, detailed instructions can be found in the readme file.


Nude patch: Tomb Raider 3 Gold

– Install game
– The folder “Pix”, “Data” and “Cuts” by
copy of the CD in the installation directory
– The “tr3gold.exe” in the installation directory with the
from the patch download
‘-> Lдuft now the game only once so unto
The level data is loaded from the hard drive

Nude patch install:
– The contents of the folder “Data” from the patch to the
Data folder in the installation directory of TR3
– Where the file “start PJOCrk.exe” – the
Level data will be patched automatically

Start game and be amazed:)

Tomb Raider 3 Nude Patch
Tomb Raider 3 Nude Patch
627.2 KB

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