Code Vein Mia Reverse Bunny Suit

Mia Karnstein is wearing a sexy reverse bunny suit in Code Vein. The mod replaces normal Mia and white Mia with this lewd outfit. It works in cutscenes. Includes two versions: semi nude or fully nude. Credits: Stealthunt3r, Vashzaron and MiaCV.

Code Vein Nude Mia
Semi nude or fully nude, the choice is yours.

Description & Installation

If you want to play as Mia in a reverse bunny outfit, this mod is for you.


  1. ReverseBunnyMia_P.pak
    [Main mod] A semi nude version.
  2. ReverseBunnyMiaExposed_P.pak
    [Optional mod] A fully nude version. Install it after main mod.

How to install the Code Vein Mia Reverse Bunny Suit:

  1. Place the “ReverseBunnyMia_P.pak” file inside your “~mods” folder in your Code Vein directory: “…\CodeVein\Content\Paks~mods”
    If the “~mods” folder doesn’t exist, create it manually.
    • [OPTIONAL] If you want to use a fully nude version, move the “ReverseBunnyMiaExposed_P.pak” file to the “~mods” folder of your Code Vein.
  2. Done! Have fun!

Code Vein Mia Reverse Bunny Suit
Code Vein Mia Reverse Bunny Suit
Version: 1.01
143.5 MB

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