Code Vein Nude Karen

Have you ever wanted to see Louis Amamiya’s sister naked? Bang! She bares all by stripping off completely! This mod replaces the vanilla body of the NPC Karen with a nude version in Code Vein. It’s incompatible with any other mod which modifies Karen. Credits: doSomethingFun.


How to install the Code Vein Nude Karen

  • Make sure you don’t have other mods installed that changes Karen’s textures.
  • Copy the “NudeKaren_P.pak” file to your “~mods” folder in your Code Vein directory:
    Note: If the “~mods” folder doesn’t exist, create it manually.
  • Done! Play as nude Karen and enjoy!

Code Vein Nude Karen
Code Vein Nude Karen
Version: 1.2
3.6 MB

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