Resident Evil 4 Nude Ashley

Ashley wears nothing except shoes in Resident Evil 4. This mod makes her naked and natural. Credits: GHOST.

  1. Unpack the “RE4-Ashley-Nude-Mod.7z” anywhere you want.
  2. Go to the “ImagePackHD” folder and put its files into your original “ImagePackHD” folder from the game.
    Note: First rename those original files in your “ImagePackHD” folder.
  3. Navigate to the “Em” folder and put its files into your original “Em” folder.
    Note: First make a backup of the “Em” folder or rename those original files whatever you want in your “Em” folder.
  4. Start “Activate Mod.bat” File and that’s it.
  5. Have fun!

Version: 1.0
2.0 MB

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4 thoughts on “Resident Evil 4 Nude Ashley”

  1. when I decompress the zip file, there’s nothing in the folders to replace, just the previous files “activate” and other, idk if there’s something i’ve missed or what

  2. Thank you for your comment. It’s fixed now. The missing files were added. Please download the updated version.

  3. I installed the files like it said in the readme. But it crashes when I try to enter the church.

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