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BloodRayne 2 Nude Mod Launcher

The program serves for installing and managing BloodRayne 2 nude mods.

BloodRayne 2 nude mod Launcher
BloodRayne 2 nude mod Launcher


How to Install BloodRayne 2 nude mods with this Tool:

  • – To throw *.exe in any folder (bloodrayne2, or on a desktop).
  • – To place [BR2L] anywhere, (c:\BR2Mods for example, but the folder with BR2 also will suit (BUT if you set a heap of mods seriously will litter game).
  • – We start. The program will ask you to specify ways with mods and BR2 a folder and will suggest to make backup archive so better certainly to make about what she asks).
  • – Press Set BR2 and choose the catalogue with installed bloodrayne 2.
  • – Press Set MOD and choose the catalogue which you have decided to use for Mods (c:\br2mods on an example).
  • – Make backup archive.

If all takes place smoothly, the program will inform you, what it has finished reservation, having made backup thus w32?? Snd and language.pod.
If you have loaded 3 examples of naked  mods on my page, you will see something like the following image: (a picture on a page).

Now you can easy choose nude mods in which you wished to play and press by button Launch!

Let’s tell, you wish to add the latest skin on Blood Rayne  2 to your list mods.

  • – You download a skin (showgirl2 in this case) and take it in yours mod a directory \<has no difference how you will name this directory>. (Do not forget to combine her with [BR2L] if you use yours BR2 a folder for mods). Following the lead (see above), it should be “c:\br2mods\Showgirl 2” (or “c:\br2mods \[BR2L] Showgirl 2”). Pay attention that you should throw pod, txt and jpg files in this folder so do not take “showgirl2” a folder what to be in RAR’е.
  • – Now language.pod, readme.txt and showgirl2.jpg lie in yours Showgirl to 2 daddy. Rename showgirl2.jpg in screenshot.jpg, if want, that the image has appeared in the Browser (yes not in IE, and not in the Opera, and in a program browser =)). (I wish to stir up so that my program has learnt itself to rename jpg, found in a mod folder in screenshot.jpg automatically, sometime in the near future, but until then you should make it manually)
  • – Again start Launcher.

You should have something like it:

  • As it is a simple example, can easy choose YES.
    The program there will mumble something, so press YES again.
  • – Yeeeehaaa, it is ready! Enjoy your game with nude patch!

Attention: you can not pay attention any more to instructions on use (correctly, and what for? Have learnt, have understood and have thrown out).  If mod it is not found out “in game”, (means you somewhere have blunted!) check up a mod directory. Some of nude skins are located in “root”. If you do not have any subdirectories, move TIF/TEX files in new \ART the daddy, and BFM files by analogy in \MODELS a subdirectory.

Bloodrayne 2 Mod Launcher
Bloodrayne 2 Mod Launcher
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  1. hi when I try to put stuff in launcher it keeps saying BLOODRAYNE 2 NOT EXECUTABLE. do you know whats wrong? thanks

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