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Final Fantasy VII Remake Advent ReShade HDR FX

Advent ReShade adds very precise HDR lighting effects, better colors, sky/fog, increased sex appeal to the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Performance friendly. Credits: Vanguard1776.

Three Presets:

  • Default: The main preset with high contrast and Linear tonemapped HDR. Greater sense of depth/contrast.
Final Fantasy
  • Type II: A realistic exposure range using Square tonemapped HDR. Makes the daytime areas easier on the eyes.
Final Fantasy
  • Special Edition (SE): High contrast without tonemapped HDR, but not too overexposed. Looks good on HDR monitors.
Final Fantasy

Two Versions:

  1. Advent ReShade – HDR FX update 2
    It’s a main version. It’s recommended to use.
  2. Optional for Vulkan users
    The Vulkan version is experimental. You can use it at your own risk. It might not work correctly for some people.
    It should only be used by players who have installed the “DXVK-async” files and enabled their game to run in Vulkan.

How to Install Final Fantasy VII Remake Advent ReShade HDR FX:

Extract the “FF7R_Advent_ReShade.7z” file anywhere you want. Choose one of two versions.

Advent ReShade – HDR FX update 2 Version

If you want to use the “Advent ReShade – HDR FX update 2” main version, open the appropriate folder and copy everything from the “Main files” folder to the “Win64” directory of your game: “Epic Games\FFVII Remake Intergrade\End\Binaries\Win64”. Done, play the game.

Vulkan Version

In order to install the Vulkan version, do the following steps:

Step 1

Make sure your game is in DX11 mode, otherwise this won’t work. There are two options to do this:

  1. Add “-dx11” in your epic store launch options for the game.
  2. Open “epic_emu.ini” from “Final Fantasy VII Remake -> Engines -> Binaries -> ThirdParty -> EOS” and add ” -dx11″ after “AppName=FFVIIRemakeIntergrade”. So it looks like AppName=FFVIIRemakeIntergrade -dx11, save the “epic_emu.ini” file.
Step 2

Add the “DXVK async” files to your game ( DXVK is a DX11->Vulkan wrapper that bypasses the shader compilation of the game and allows asynchronous, stutter-free shaders to work):

  • Download the “dxvk-async-1.9.2.tar.gz” file.
  • Copy the files “d3d11.dll” and “dxgi.dll” from the “x64” folder into “Final Fantasy VII Remake -> End -> Binaries -> Win64”.
  • Go to the directory where you’ve unpacked the “FF7R_Advent_ReShade.7z” file. Open the “Optional for Vulkan users” folder and launch the “ReShade_Setup_4.7.0.exe” application:
    1. Click the “Enable/disable ReShade in Vulkan globally” option.
    2. On the next menu make sure the box “Enable ReShade in Vulkan globally” is checked, then close the “ReShade” installer.
    3. In the Windows Folder Options, make sure the “Show hidden files, folders and drives” option is enabled.
  • Copy everything from the “optional for Vulkan users\Main files” directory to your game directory: “C:\ProgramData\ReShade” folder (it should be unhidden now).
  • Run the game.

Reshade Controls:

  1. To toggle main effects press End key.
  2. To switch Depth of Field click Page Down key.
  3. To open GUI press Home key.


  1. Always remove ReShade files from a previous install before updating.
  2. Rename “dxgi.dll” to “d3d12.dll” if your game crashes.
  3. Disable third-party programs.


Q1: How is the performance loss from this is it decent or barely at all performance loss?
A1: Theoretically, it can be up to an 11% FPS loss. My game is pegged to 60 FPS, so I don’t notice a thing. Some estimates in case anyone needs it (these framerates are very playable).
From 120 FPS to 106.8 FPS
From 90 FPS to 80.1 FPS
From 60 FPS to 53.4 FPS

Q2: Do I need a hdr monitor to use this?
A2: No HDR monitor required. Simply install the files and you’re good to go.

Q3: I think this clashes with the Flawless Ultrawide.  I’ve got DOF only on the the bottom 1/3rd of the screen and right 1/6th of the screen. How to fix it?
A3: Try this. Open the “preset .ini” file with notepad (or in-game via GUI) and use these values instead under the [DOF.fx] shader section:

Q4: I just get a black screen unless I hit end and toggle it off … any ideas? I followed the directions precisely.
A4: Very few people have this issue with ReShade, not just for this game, and I’m not sure why it doesn’t work initially. Here’s a potential solution.
While in-game press the HOME key and go to the Settings tab at the top. Then set the path to the “reshade-shaders\Shaders” and “reshade-shaders\Textures” folders manually. You can also set these by opening the ReShade.ini file and making the changes there.
You didn’t mention if any shader boxes were checked, so I’m assuming that they weren’t. Otherwise, you will have to investigate your PC files.

FF7R Advent ReShade
FF7R Advent ReShade
Version: FX2
13.9 MB
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