Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa Transparent Lingerie

New sexy underwear for Tifa of Final Fantasy VII Remake with optional matching stockings included. The mod works anytime she’s in her normal outfit. Credits: peek6.

Final Fantasy

What’s Included

  • dress – main file
    Adds sexy purple dress for Tifa. The lingerie mod is based on it. It’s necessary to have it installed as well. Credits: Adol.
Final Fantasy
  • lingerie – 3 versions
    Adds erotic lingerie for Tifa. It contains cute lacy panty, bra and stockings. Available in three colors: white, black, blue.
Final Fantasy

How to Install Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa Transparent Lingerie

  • Extract the “FF7R_Tifa_Transparent_Lingerie.7z” file anywhere you want. There are two folders inside. Open the “dress – main file” directory and copy the “zPurpleDressTifa.pak” file to the “~mods” folder of your game: “FFVIIRemakeIntergrade/End/Content/Paks/~mods”.
    Note: Create the folder above if it does not exist (~mods).
  • Go to the “lingerie – 3 versions” folder. Open the folder with the color of underwear you want to use for Tifa. Place its “.pak” files to your “FFVIIRemakeIntergrade/End/Content/Paks/~mods” directory.
  • Not strictly required but very strongly recommended to install the Final Fantasy VII Remake Advent ReShade HDR FX. This mod allows you to add an ambient occlusion, real depth of field effects, color correction to your game.
  • Done, play the game!
FF7R Tifa Transparent Lingerie
FF7R Tifa Transparent Lingerie
Version: 1.0
11.9 MB

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