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Final Fantasy VII Remake Naked Tifa Lockhart

Here’s a nude mod for Tifa Lockhart of Final Fantasy VII Remake. It’s based on the original game mesh and replaces Tifa’s standard outfit by removing her shirt and suspenders. It also makes her boobs more jiggly. Credits: SweetFluff3D.


  • Natural breast teardrop shape and large nipples.
  • Slightly larger thighs, glutes, and upper arms.
  • Very slightly smaller waist.
  • Adjusted weight painting around groin area, the combo ending kick should look slightly better.
  • Shaved/pubic hair option.
  • Breast jiggle physics.
  • Slight additional redness to booty.
  • Stockings and arm sleeves.
  • Not compatible with other nude mods for Tifa.
  • Not require DX11 or setting LOD bias.

There are 2 versions:

  • TifaNudeNaturalV2_P_SF3D.pak

    An option for pubic hair.
  • TifaNudeNaturalV2_SF3D.pak

    A clean-shaven pubic area.

How to Install Final Fantasy VII Remake Naked Tifa Lockhart:

  • Make sure that you don’t have any other nude mods for Tifa installed. Final Fantasy VII Remake Naked Tifa Lockhart will invariably conflict with most mods that do the same thing.
    For example, if you use an alternative Tifa’s nude mod by Jenovation and Narknon from our site, you need to remove its files before installing this one. Otherwise “Invisible Grappling Hook” nor “Invisible Weapons” will result in invisible hands.
  • Download and extract the “FF7R_Naked_Tifa_Lockhart.7z” file anywhere you want. There are two “.pak” files inside.
  • Copy one of those “.pak” files depending on your personal preferences to your “FFVIIRemakeIntergrade/End/Content/Paks/~mods” folder.
  • Done, enjoy your game.
FF7R Naked Tifa Lockhart
FF7R Naked Tifa Lockhart
Version: 2.5.0
8.3 MB
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