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Final Fantasy VII Remake Naked Aerith

Here’s a nude mod that undresses Aerith of Final Fantasy VII Remake. There are many different options to select from including canon body version.  It also adds jiggle physics to her boobs. Besides, Aerith has got sexy foot bends, realistic vagina with visible labia minora. Credits: spooder.

What’s Included:

  1. Main
    • ZAerithDirtySexySwap.pak
      This is a fix of the base texture required for nude mod. Credits: Matthew698.
    • zSexyDressAerith.pak
      It gives Aerith her Sexy Dress for the entire playthrough. This is a base texture for nude mod. Credits: Adol.
    • zZNudeAerith.pak
      A main file containing the petite little cutie and a bunch of other important stuff for optional mods to work. ALWAYS keep this installed even when using optional mods.
  2. Optional
    • zZNudeAerith_CANON_BODY.pak
      A canon body variant for those who don’t like the petite version.
    • zZNudeAerith_PALE.pak
      A highly detailed, Pale skin texture mod. She also looks way prettier with this skin in the author’s opinion.
    • zZNudeAerith_SWEATY.pak
      A sweaty skin texture mod.

How to Install Final Fantasy VII Remake Naked Aerith:

  1. Extract the “FFVIIR_Naked_Aerith.7z” file anywhere you want. There are two folders inside. Go to the “Main” directory and copy three files such as ZAerithDirtySexySwap.pak, zSexyDressAerith.pak, zZNudeAerith.pak) to the “~mods” folder of your game: “Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade\End\Content\Paks\~mods”.
  2. Navigate to the “Optional” folder. There are three additional texture mods. If you want to use any one of them, you should copy the chosen file to the “Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade\End\Content\Paks\~mods” directory. You can use multiple texture mods at once.
  3. Done, have fun with Aerith!
FFVIIR Naked Aerith
FFVIIR Naked Aerith
Version: 1.2
130.5 MB
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