Final Fantasy VII Remake Naked Jessie

Here’s another girl from Final Fantasy VII Remake who is sexually attractive in looks and figure. Jessie is now completely naked and without headband.

It’s a high quality nude mod for Jessie Rasberry featuring extremely detailed 4K body textures. It’s available for both the normal NPC version of Jessie and her playable version that replaces Tifa. Credits: Axel Firestorm.

What’s Included

  • JessieBaseAll_P.pak
    Allows Jessie’s nude NPC mod to override bandaged and wounded versions. Credits: hman720.
  • JessiePC.pak
    Makes Jessie playable by replacing Tifa with her. Updates the menus and subtitles with new graphics and text adjustments. Credits: Axel Firestorm – xRaq.
  • TifaPurpleChina_P.pak, TifaPurpleNoGlove_P.pak, TifaPurpleStandard_P.pak, TifaPurpleWutai_P.pak
    Allows nude mod to work over all of Tifa’s outfits. Credits: hman720.
  • ZinvisGrapple_P.pak
    Hides the grappling hook. Credits: Narknon.
  • ZTifaInvisWeapons_P.pak
    Hides Tifa’s weapons. Credits: Narknon.
  • zzzJessieNude_NH.pak
    Jessie’s playable version, and she doesn’t have her headband.
  • zzzJessieNudeNPC_NH.pak
    Jessie’s NPC version, and she doesn’t have her headband.

How to Install Final Fantasy VII Remake Naked Jessie

  1. Copy all the “.pak” files to your “FFVIIRemakeIntergrade/End/Content/Paks/~mods” folder.
    Note: you can create the “~mods” folder manually if you don’t have it.
  2. Done, enjoy the game.
FF7R Naked Jessie
FF7R Naked Jessie
Version: 1.0
403.0 MB


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