Mass Effect 3 Jane Shepard’s Nude Skin

The mod makes Jane Shepard completely nude in Mass Effect 3. There are two versions. Requires the Texmod tool.

Mass Effect 3

How to Install Mass Effect 3 Jane Shepard’s Nude Skin:

  • Extract the mod’s compressed file anywhere you want.
  • Download and start TexMod.
  • Click on a “folder” icon under “Target Application” and navigate to the “Mass Effect 3.exe” file.
  • Select “Package Mode”.
  • Click on the “folder” icon above the “red X” and pick one of the mod’s files:
    “Jane Shepard – In The Nude v1.tpf” or “Jane Shepard v2.tpf”.
  • Use the “Run” button and the game will start with a new texture.
ME3 Shepard Nude
ME3 Shepard Nude
694.3 KB

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