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Mass Effect 3 Naked Female Shepard

This mod contains a set of reskins for the Female Shepards in Mass Effect 3. There are two explicit versions (fully nude or topless) and bonus (a few sexy outfits). Credits: Ewios.

What’s Included:

  1. LingerieNudSexy2.tpf
    It’s a topless body with transparent panties.
  2. NudBasicShepard3ME3.tpf
    It’s completely naked body.
  3. Coalesced.bin
    This file unlocks the nude skin, lingerie and outfits. In the game. It also changes armor (slot chess) and casual clothes, in Shepard capt. cabin (Normandy).

Added a bonus mod:

  1. EDI SuperSEXY ME3.tpf
    A new nude skin for Dr. Eva.
  2. MilitarySexyOutifitSR2.tpf
    A military casual outfit.

How to Install Mass Effect 3 Naked Female Shepard:

  1. Make backup of the “Coalesced.bin” file in your game’s directory: “Mass Effect 3.Deluxe Edition(your game directory)\BIOGame\CookedPCConsole”.
  2. Extract the “ME3_Naked_Female_Shepard.7z” file anywhere you want.
  3. Place the “Coalesced.bin” file into the “CookedPCConsole” folder. Overwrite the original file.
  4. Download the TexMod tool. Launch the “Texmod.exe” application.
  5. Click on a “folder” icon in the “Target Application” and go to the folder where you installed Mass Effect 3. Select the game’s executable file.
  6. Pick the “Package Mode”.
  7. Now you need to load the nude textures for a Female Shepard. Click on the “folder” icon in the “Package Mode and navigate to the folder where you’ve unpacked the mod’s package before. Select one of two reskin files: “LingerieNudSexy2.tpf” or “NudBasicShepard3ME3.tpf”.
  8. Click the “Run” button and Mass Effect 3 will start with a naked female Shepard.
  9. Enjoy!
[OPTIONAL] If you want to use one of the additional offers, included in this mod, go to the “bonus” folder and you’ll see two files: “EDI SuperSEXY ME3.tpf”, “MilitarySexyOutifitSR2.tpf”. Select the preferred one. Enable the chosen file with TexMod and run the game.

ME3 Naked Female Shepard
ME3 Naked Female Shepard
Version: 1.1
15.1 MB
hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

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