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Fallout 4 CBBE Naked Females

Here’s CBBE female nude mod in the Fallout 4. Available for all adult female characters (player and NPC). CBBE replaces the vanilla body with high quality and detailed one that is fully customizable with the BodySlide tool. Added a lot of female outfits. Thanks to Ousnius and Caliente.

Fallout 4


What’s Included:

  • BodySlide and Outfit Studio
    BodySlide is a tool to convert, create, and customize bodies and outfits for Fallout 4. So it allows your character to have all the shapes and outfits you’ve ever dreamed of.
    Outfit Studio: A more advanced app that allows modders to create different .nifs and meshes that can be configured by users in Bodyslide.Beyond the scope of this guide.
    Note: As of version 3.8 of BodySlide, this utility requires OpenGL 3.3. If your card does not support this (cards that meet the minimum system requirements for Fallout should), you should not update BodySlide until you can get a better card.

    Bodyslide’s Possibilities:
    • Customize outfits and bodies without the need to edit mesh files!
    • Use sliders to create your personal shapes.
    • Fancy outfit filtering quickly shows you the outfits you want, while the textured preview windows show you what you are going to get.
Fallout 4
Fallout 4
  • Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer
    Frequently abbreviated as CBBE. CBBE replaces the shape of what female NPCs look like. This goes beyond simply what their skin texture looks like but how large their shoulders, hips, and ‘endowments’ are. 

    Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer includes bodies, textures, all vanilla and DLC outfits, and BodySlide addons for the body and outfits.

By default there are three nude options available that don’t require anything but installation.

Slim: Slender shape for fans of slimmer ladies.
Curvy: Based on the modern ideal.
Vanilla: Default body, but better!

Please note that these shapes are what you get when the very centre of the weight/body morph triangle is selected in the Bodyslide. The shape will then morph according to where ever you select in the triangle, just as the vanilla body does.
Be sure to grab BodySlide for 100% customizability with CBBE, including body physics!

CBBE contains:

00 RequiredIt’s a slim, lean body, for lovers of skinny girls.
01 CurvyMore feminine body shape. Bigger breasts and wider hips.
02 VanillaIt’s a standard game body, but much better. Based of vanilla proportions with detailed feet, modified hands, and…other parts.
03 NeverNude SlimIt’s the slim body with underwear.
04 NeverNude CurvyIt’s the curvy body with underwear.
05 NeverNude VanillaIt’s the vanilla body with underwear.
06 Outfits Slim-VanillaThere are the clothing and armor meshes for the CBBE Slim body.
07 Outfits Slim-AutomatronThe clothing and armor meshes for the CBBE Slim body if you have the Automatron DLC.
08 Outfits Slim – Far HarborThe clothing and armor meshes for the CBBE Slim body if you have the Far Harbor DLC.
09 Outfits Slim – Nuka WorldThe clothing and armor meshes for the CBBE Slim body if you have the Nuka World DLC.
10 Outfits Curvy – VanillaThere are the clothing and armor meshes for the CBBE Curvy body.
11 Outfits Curvy-AutomatronThe clothing and armor meshes for the CBBE Curvy body if you have the Automatron DLC.
12 Outfits Curvy – Far HarborThe clothing and armor meshes for the CBBE Curvy body if you have the Far Harbor DLC.
13 Outfits Curvy – Nuka WorldThe clothing and armor meshes for the CBBE Curvy body if you have the Nuka World DLC.
14 Outfits Vanilla – VanillaThere are the clothing and armor meshes for the CBBE Vanilla body.
15 Outfits Vanilla-AutomatronThe clothing and armor meshes for the CBBE Vanilla body if you have the Automatron DLC.
16 Outfits Vanilla – Far HarborThe clothing and armor meshes for the CBBE Vanilla body if you have the Far Harbor DLC.
17 Outfits Vanilla – Nuka WorldThe clothing and armor meshes for the CBBE Vanilla body if you have the Nuka World DLC.
18 Outfits BodySlide-VanillaThe presets of the game’s outfits for the BodySlide. With this set you can customize the clothing for your body shape in the BodySlide.
19 Outfits BodySlide-AutomatronThe presets of the game’s clothing in the BodySlide. Requires the Automatron DLC. Customize the clothing for your body shape in the BodySlide with this package.
20 Outfits BodySlide – Far HarborThe presets of the game’s clothing in the BodySlide. Requires the Far Harbor DLC. Install this collection and customize the outfit for your body shape in the BodySlide.
21 Outfits BodySlide – Nuka WorldThe presets of the game’s outfits for the BodySlide. Requires the Nuka World DLC. With this set you can customize the clothes for your body shape in the BodySlide.
  • Mod Organizer 2
    Credits: Tannin.
    Mod Organizer 2 (MO2) is a feature rich Mod Manager. MO2 is very advanced and specialized for Bethesda games. Here is the list of supported titles:
  •  Morrowind
  •  Fallout 3
  •  Fallout NV
  •  Tale of Two Wastelands (TTW)
  •  Skyrim
  •  Skyrim SE
  •  Skyrim VR 
  •  Fallout 4
  •  Fallout 4 VR
  •  Enderal (Steam Edition)

You can install the mod with this tool instead of the manual installation.


How to Install Fallout 4 CBBE Naked Females:

Step 1:

  1. Go to Documents\My Games\Fallout4 and choose Fallout4Custom.ini
  2. Right click it go to properties and uncheck read only apply.
  3. Add the following to your Fallout4Custom.ini:

Note: If the file doesn’t exist, you need to create it yourself manually. Make sure it ends with .ini instead of .ini.txt or .ini.ini!
If the lines are already there, you only need to edit their values.

Step 2:

With Mod Manager:

The new version of Mod Organizer 2 requires two files installed:

  1. the newest Visual C++ 2019 redist
  2. the .NET Framework 4.8

Install the MO2 if you haven’t it yet. Launch Mod Organizer 2 (Installer).exe and it will download and install all necessary components required to run MO2.
Note: Mod Organizer 2 should not be installed inside a system protected folder such as Programs Files (x86).  Also avoid installing MO2 inside the Game folder as this causes problems with the vfs library. Mo2 is a 64 bit application and as such it requires a 64 bit operating system to run.

If you want to update an existing Mo2 install using the installer, simply select your current MO2 folder as the install location and the installer will take care of the rest without endangering your modded setup.

After installation/updating of mod manager, launch it. On first startup MO2 will ask you which game to manage, so you need to specify your Fallout 4 installation directory/folder. Now you can install the “Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer v2.6.3.7z” archive with the Mod Organizer 2. Follow the MO2 instructions on the mod’s activation. Always install Optional files after the main file.

Note: The CBBE.esp file is necessary to fix a graphic glitch on the back of female character’s. If your character has neck-covering hair or you don’t use the LooksMenu in-game morphs, the CBBE.esp plugin is optional.



  1. Extract the “Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer v2.6.3” archive with 7zip anywhere you find it easily. Do not use anything but 7zip.
  2. Open the “Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer v2.6.3” folder. Put the contents of the “00 Required” folder into Fallout 4/Data.
  3. Place the contents of the body you want one of folders (01-02) in Fallout 4/Data. Skip this if you only want the nude Slim body.
  4. OPTIONAL: If you want to use body with underwear (non-nude version), select one of the folders (03-05) according the body version previously chosen and put the meshes folder inside it into Fallout 4/Data.
  5. OPTIONAL: Now you can install meshes of clothing/armor. Select and move the contents of the outfit replacers you want (06-17 folders) to Fallout 4/Data, according to what body shape you’re using and what DLC you have (DLC Automatron/DLC Far Harbor/DLC Nuka World).
  6. OPTIONAL: If you’re going to customize the body shape and armors with BodySlide, first you need to install the BodySlide (see step 3), and then select the appropriate BodySlide folder (18-21), depending on what DLC you have and place contents of the chosen folder in Fallout 4/Data.

Step 3:

Install Body Slide with Mod Organizer:

  1. Install the “BodySlide and Outfit Studio v5.4.2.7z” archive to Mod Organizer 2 like you would do with any other mod.
  2. Enable the mod and make sure it is loaded after your body mod(s) but before all BodySlide addons.
  3. Go to the “Data” tab to the right of MO and navigate to “Tools/BodySlide/BodySlide x64.exe”.
  4. Right-click “BodySlide x64.exe” -> Add as executable (make sure it’s the 64-bit one!).
  5. Choose “BodySlide” in your executable list and always run it from here.



  1. Extract “BodySlide and Outfit Studio v5.4.2.7z” archive to your game’s data folder.
  2. Make sure the structure is correct: Data -> Tools -> BodySlide.
  3. After you’re done, the executable can be found in the “Data/Tools/BodySlide” folder.

Bodyslide Updating

You can uninstall old/install new, or just install the new files and overwrite if prompted. Just be sure to back up your personal presets/groups/bodies/outfits in the SliderSets/SliderPresets/ShapeData/SliderGroups folders so they don’t get deleted, whether by accident or buggy mod manager.

How to customize body with Bodyslide:

1. Launch BodySlide.
Go to Fallout 4/Data/Tools/BodySlide. Double-click on BodySlide.exe/BodySlide x64.exe to open the utility.

2. Go to the “Settings”, then select “game data path”. There you need to specify your path to the Data folder in the game.
For example: D:\Games\Fallout 4\Data\ and click OK.

3. At the top, in “Outfit/Body” select one of the bodies. CBBE Body/CBBE Body Physics are “nude”. The CBBE NeverNude/CBBE Underwear bodies have underwear meshes covering all nudity. 4. In the “Preset”‘ dropdown, select the preset you like, for example CBBE Curvy.

5. Now you can customize the chosen body model as you see fit with the available sliders and monitor the progress in the preview window (the mesh shape will change as you move/edit sliders).
Start moving the sliders around. Low-weight is the body at “0” in the in-game weight slider, while high weight is at “100”.You can type numbers into the boxes if you want to use negatives (put in a – before the number) or go over 100%, but going outside the 0-100 range is not recommended as it can cause distortions or bad clipping with outfits.
If you have a shape in mind, it’s usually a good idea to start with a preset closest to your desired shape.

6. When you’re entirely satisfied with the result, click on “Save As”‘ next to the Preset drop-down. “Save” will overwrite the current preset selected.
Warning: You can’t “undo” Save. If you save by accident, you will need to reinstall the original preset file/you will lose the original preset if it has no backups.

7. Type in a name for your preset in the box that pops up. Then check the boxes for what ‘groups’ you want this preset to appear in. Always select the ‘CBBE’ group so it appears for all installed compatible outfits.

8. Click Save. BodySlide will open a window to the BodySlide/SliderPresets directory. Click Save again. You preset will now appear in the ‘Preset’ drop-down menu.

9. With CBBE Body/Body Physics and your preset selected, click on Build. This will automatically install the unclothed nude body meshes.


Q1: Why are the bodies not changing after I install?
A1: You didn’t follow the instructions in the installation section. Ensure you have entered all three lines into your .ini are present in your game directory. Make sure the file is called Fallout4Custom.ini, not Fallout4Custom.ini.txt (un-hide file extensions)!
A2: If NPCs have changed, but your player character hasn’t, you’re using a mod that changes the directory for the player body meshes/textures, such as ‘Unique Player’. You’ll need to install matching meshes/textures manually.
A3: If your player character has changed, but NPCs haven’t, you’re using a mod that changes the directory for NPC body meshes/textures. You’ll need to install the meshes/textures manually.
A4: You’re not looking at a nude female adult character or are currently wearing an outfit that’s not CBBE-compatible.
A5: Your mod manager is being buggy or there’s a user error. The installer is bug free, or there would be more people reporting issues.

Q2: Why am I getting patchwork body textures (black shoulder, nipple on stomach or painted-on underwear)?
A1: You didn’t follow the instructions in the installation section. Ensure you have entered all three lines into your .ini are present in your game directory. Make sure the file is called Fallout4Custom.ini, not Fallout4Custom.ini.txt!
A2: You have a conflict somewhere. Make sure you don’t have any other mods that affect or overwrote the body.
A3: You’re not using a texture on a CBBE body. At the very least, you should install the vanilla default textures found in the main file’s installer.
A4: You’re using a mod that changes the directory for the body meshes/textures. You’ll need to install matching meshes/textures manually.

Q3: How do I fix the texture mismatch at the back of the player/NPC head?
A: Activate the CBBE.esp to fix it. This only works for the player character (see below for more info).

Q4: Why does FO4’s CBBE have a plugin when Skyrim’s did not?
A: A lot of space was wasted on the vanilla body UV map (how a texture lines up on a mesh – the 3D model), and part of the head texture (the rear) was included as part of the body texture. FO4 CBBE’s UV map is almost exactly the same as Skyrim’s, making it easier for modders to convert body textures over or make new ones, and filling up the wasted space. But as a result, the part of the UV map used for the head is taken up by our leg texture. The plugin corrects this by pointing the head rear to a duplicated, vanilla body texture ( The plugin is optional if you have hair covering your head rear or can ignore the issue.

Q5: Do body textures not specifically made for CBBE work with it?
A: Only body textures made to work with CBBE will show up correctly in all places, as CBBE has different UV maps for texture alignment.

Q6: Will there be a male version?
A: We would like to but are mostly lacking the time.

Q7: When i build a present (of cbbe nude body, without underwear) and then i click in batch build, ingame ever charges the nevernude skin (with underwear). The mod is correctly installed, and reinstalled, i don’t have any skin with underwear installed apart. Any solution? 
A: You have to UNcheck Nevernude in Batch Build, or it overwrites the CBBE Body.

2021/10/20 Updated to v4
v4 contains:
BodySlide and Outfit Studio. Updated to version 5.4.2.
Mod Organizer 2. Updated to version

2020/05/17 Updated to v3
v3 contains:
BodySlide and Outfit Studio. Updated to version 5.0.6.
Mod Organizer 2. Updated to version
Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer v2.6.3.

F4 CBBE Female Nude Mod
F4 CBBE Female Nude Mod
Version: V4
453.0 MB


hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

7 thoughts on “Fallout 4 CBBE Naked Females”

  1. Hello, Michael!
    This mod does not contain Outfit studio and DLC outfits. There are only BodySlide tool and bodies textures.
    I’ll try to add it in the future. Stay with us and watch for updates 🙂

  2. Hello!
    I tried to use Outfit Studio (downloaded it separately) but I’m really not good at it and I still don’t know how to modify the outfits… The one you have in your first picture really interests me, is there a preset of it I could download just to have it available? Thanks!

  3. New update is not downloading. Please re-upload if possible. Tried different options but not downloading. It stops at 50MB

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