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Dead or Alive 6 Nude Rig

This mod makes Rig completely nude. It’s a break version. Available flaccid and erect styles.


  • Replaces the first costume (001a) to the nude texture. It’s necessary to choose one of the mod versions (Flaccid or Erect) to use. The word “BIG GUY” is on the clothes in the game.
  • Contains REDELBE tool for installation this patch. Thanks to vagonumero13.


Use REDELBE tool to install the mod files. The mod is loaded using the “Layer2” method.

  • Unpack the mod archive.
  • Select one folder (Flaccid or Erect) and copy it from mod folder.
  • Paste the chosen folder of mod to the REDELBE folder (REDELBE\Layer2 ).
  • Put the content of REDELBE folder to where the game is installed.
  • Run the game and choose the costume (001a).
  • Enjoy!

DOA6 - Rig Nude Mod
DOA6 - Rig Nude Mod
Version: v2, Break Ver
27.3 MB
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