Dead or Alive 6 Diego and Rig Nude Skins

This mod is intended for replacing Diego or Rig summer swimsuits with a nude version. It’s for game version 1.08. Contains two versions: erect and hard. Credits: Ogami4.


This mod can replace two pieces of Diego and Raidou costumes (007 Deluxe Edition and 030 Swimwear).


  • two status versions, choose a version to use, replacing the summer swimwear. Added character mesh nipple, navel. Added normal, glossy, and sweaty textures.
  • REDELBE is a tool allows you to modify files in the rdbs… without actually touching the rdb’s at all. Thanks to vagonumero13.


  • Unpack the contents of the archive.
  • Choose and copy what you like from mod folder.
  • Paste the chosen content of mod to the REDELBE folder (REDELBE\Layer2 ).
  • Put the content of REDELBE folder to where the game is installed. Like this:
  • Open the game.
  • Choose a swimsuit in the game, but don’t be sure, press the keyboard F key to switch (XBOX ONE PAD View button).
  • Enjoy!

DOA6 Nude Mod For Diego And Rig
DOA6 Nude Mod For Diego And Rig
Version: v2
47.2 MB

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