Soul Calibur 6 Female Nude Patch

Soul Calibur 6 nude mod includes all you wanna from sexy female characters, naked in all kinds and styles. Intended for base game and DLC 6 and lower. Thanks to Apocoh.


What this mod does:

  • Replaces the vagina and anus textures.
  • Replaces the normal textures.
  • Adds nudity to the doll, statue, and shapeshifter (normal only) races.


  • SCVI Female Nude Mod v1.3.pak
    Required to remove the default bra and panties. Credits: Sakura4.
  • zApocoh_Nude_Textures.pak
    Creates vagina, anus, and all normal textures from scratch, as well as the nipples for the statue and doll races.


  • Create a folder with this name ~mods in:
  • Copy the mod files into this folder (~mods) and play.

Soul Calibur 6 Nude Mod
Soul Calibur 6 Nude Mod
Version: 1.0
20.9 MB

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