Soul Calibur VI Female Nude Mod

This mod is an alternative to the Maliwei777’s patch.
Soul Calibur VI Female Nude Mod by Sakura4 has similar options. Can be used for custom characters and original characters!


  1. scvi_female_nude_mod_v1.3 folder:
    SCVI_FemaleNudeMod_MainFile_v1.3.pak (Replace the default underwear and Loincloth)
  2. scvi_female_nude_mod_only_chest_v1.3 folder:
    SCVI_FemaleNudeMod_OnlyChest_v1.3.pak (Replace the default underwear, Only naked chest.)
  3. scvi_female_nude_mod_dlc_2b_tex folder:
    SCVI_FemaleNudeMod_DLC_2B_Tex.pak (DLC Character 2B skin texture)
  4. scvi_pubic_hair folder:
    SCVI_FemalePubichair[ReplaceBox] (Pubic Hair For Female)
    SCVI_FemalePubichair[ReplaceHeart] (Pubic Hair For Female)


  1. Copy .pak file to steamapps\common\SoulcaliburVI\SoulcaliburVI\Content\Paks~mods
  2. ~mods folder not, pleate manually create!
  3. See the picture to choose the items to edit in the game!

SCVI Female Nude Mod
SCVI Female Nude Mod
Version: v1.3
10.1 MB

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