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Here’s the last mod for Soul Calibur VI that replaces the default underwear with nude. It has two version: one with pubic hair, other without hair. And you can change public hair color by tweaking underwear color. Thanks to Maliwei777


1. Copy folder ~ mods to «steamapps\common\SoulcaliburVI \SoulcaliburVI\Content\Paks\».
2. There are two versions: one with hair, one without hair:
– SCVI_FemaleNude_Mesh.pak (version without pubic hair).
– SCVI_FemaleNude_Mesh_PubicHair.pak (full version).
– SCVI_FemaleNude_Texture.pak (package of texture).
3. For version without pubic hair:
– Change the file named SCVI_FemaleNude_Mesh.pa_ to  SCVI_FemaleNude_Mesh.pak
– Rename the file extension SCVI_FemaleNude_Mesh_PubicHair.pak  from «.pak» to «.pa_».
4. Play game.

Enjoy – Feedback appreciated!

Soul Calibur VI Female Nude Mod
Soul Calibur VI Female Nude Mod
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  • Helix-One

    I love the nipple and genital textures. However there’s a gap between the underarms and chest that you can see during certain animations (specifically when characters raise their arms). And it also makes tattoos loop around the body in a very strange way. Any chance for a fix in the future?

  • maurofabbri

    Good mod. But it would be nice to have a Topless version and also with bigger breasts….

  • admin

    Will see, dude 🙂

  • zoozoo

    The loincloth crashes the game whenever a battle or training starts. Any chance for a fix/update?

  • admin

    Unfortunately, there’s no update for this mod today. But it still working fine for me, so perhaps the patch can be useful for many peole. I’ve just added a good analogue of this mod
    So try it and I hope it will work good for you.

  • Sexual Tyrannosaurus

    Need an update for 2B, Amy and Cassandra please. I like this mod better than Sakura’s 4 because aerola looks better (Sakura are too big)

  • admin

    At this moment there are no updates, mate. That’s the latest version of this mod.

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