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Soul Calibur VI Male Nude Patch

This is a mega pack of the last male nude mod for Soul Calibur VI. Thanks to Sakura4


This patch hides Loincloth for male and female. You can replace square, triangular custom objects for pubic hair and genitals.

Main Files:
1. NudeMod_v1.1(Replace the default underwear and Loincloth).
2. NudeMod_MainFile[OnlyHideDefaultUnderwear] (Only Hide Default Underwear).

Sub Files:
1. NudeMod_GenitalParts_v1.1 (Male Genital Parts).
2. NudeMod_SubFile_HideFundoshi (Corresponding use of the main file NudeMod_MainFile[OnlyHideDefaultUnderwear].
3. NudeMod_MaleGenitalParts_Anim_v1.1 (Erect version a tiny motion animation.)
4. NudeMod_UncutPenis (Only uncircumcised genitals)
5. NudeMod_GenitalParts_Physics_Anim_v1.2.7z (Contains one Physics Genital and one Genital Animation)
6. GenitalParts_Uncircumcision_PA.7z (Contains one Uncircumcised Physics Genital. Replace Heart)


Copy .pak file from the archive folder to: steamapps\common\SoulcaliburVI\SoulcaliburVI\Content\Paks\~mods
If there is no ~mods folder, create it manually.


Q: The mod doesn’t work / Textures don’t show up / Soul Calibur VI Male Nude Patch Crashes
A: If mod doesn’t work also make sure that the selected  .pak file is set correctly. The mods folder needs to be titled “~mods” (without “”).
Because of the use of new material file, some parameters may be lost, and the game can not find some corresponding files. Crash!!! Please play offline!

Q: Can this mod cause a ban in game?
A: Just like Street Fighter 5, you can only see it yourself. Does not affect the battle balance.

Enjoy – Feedback appreciated!

SoulCalibur VIMaleNude Patch
SoulCalibur VIMaleNude Patch
SoulCalibur VIMaleNude Patch.7z
119.6 MB

11/05/2018 Added a physics genital.
20/01/2019 The physics parameters were adjusted. Added a uncircumcised version physics genital.

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3 thoughts on “Soul Calibur VI Male Nude Patch”

  1. The movable penis is a little too short and not big enough

    Everything else is good

    (Translator translation)

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