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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Orphne Nude Mod

This mod turns the female character into a sexy underworld nymph (5 versions – clothed, seminude and nude). Thanks to Nargil66


It’s an addon mod – to play it, put Creatures folder in your main game’s Database folder (not in Custom Maps!).  Enjoy!

Note: The mod is compatible with Titan Quest AE, Raganarok and Immortal Throne. If you want to play on Immortal Throne, rename the bump texture corresponding to your used dye color to “femalepcskirt01bmp”.

Other info:
1. All armors are disabled, because normal female armors are incompatible with the nymph mesh.
2. Added 3 alternative meshes, called “…_noglow”. They remove the glowing hair and eyes. To use them, rename them to the original meshes (e.g rename “femalepc01.msh” to something else and then rename “femalepc01_noglow.msh” to “femalepc01.msh”).
3. For now only the 5 staring dyes are replaced. Do not use other dyes. 
4. The nymph uses custom made animations, which work only on her and not on the normal female character.
5. To unistall, just rename or remove the Creatures folder.

Orphne Nude Mod
Orphne Nude Mod
Version: 2.1
5.7 MB
hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

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