Left 4 Dead 2 Ellis Nude Mod

What a wonderful view! ☺️ Enjoy completely nude Ellis with his swinging cock.
So now you can undress him with the Left 4 Dead 2 Ellis nude mod. Credits: MKT.

  • Extract the ellis_naked.vpk file from the patch archive and move it into the “addons” folder, inside the game directory:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\addons
  • Run Left 4 Dead 2.
  • Enjoy!

Note: If you’re unsure that the patch is active, check the AddOns option from the in-game main menu and ensure that the Mod has a check mark beside it.


To remove this nude patch you just have to delete it from the folder where you’ve extracted the ellis_naked.vpk file, however you can also enable/disable the mod from the in-game menu “Extras” and then “Add-ons” without actually having to remove the file.

Left 4 Dead 2 Ellis Nude Mod
Left 4 Dead 2 Ellis Nude Mod
Version: v1.5
11.4 MB

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