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Fallout 4 Naked NPCs With Wedding Ring

With this mod many girls of Fallout 4 are ready to take all their clothes off in exchange for a wedding ring. It is available for Piper, Cait, Curie, the Warwick women, the Abernathy women, and the female NPC from Tempines Bluff. Credits: Tedd48.

How to Install Fallout 4 Naked NPCs With Wedding Ring:

  1. Extract the compressed package with any archiver anywhere you want.
  2. Go to the “mod” folder and place the “nude.txt” file in your game’s “common\Fallout 4\data” folder.
  3. Open the console and type “bat nude” without the quotes. Close the console. You did it! Enjoy!

How the Mod Works:

  • It just uses a few standard FO4 commands in a batch file. But you may not have known that you don’t need a mod to make companions and NPCs naked from the console. All you have to do is open the console (Tilde ~ key for any newbies out there), point at the companion or other NPC to show their ID, then type:

 equipitem 7c70c 1 

** 7c70c is the code for one of the two wedding rings in the story.

  • Close the console. You did it! The girls get the ring on their finger and give up EVERYTHING else.
  • Of course, if you’re just dealing with one NPC you can nude them in the trade dialog.  Equipping a Leather Chest Piece over most outfits will do it. But for distant NPCs or multiple NPCs, a console-run batch file is the ticket.  This will require the ID # for each, like so:

  79305.equipitem 7c70c 1
  2f1f.equipitem 7c70c 1

  • You can find the ID’s in game by just pointing at NPCs from the console, or Google them. The included batch file is nothing more than this, except with more repetitions.
  • You can also make a batch file to put clothes back on them.  Same thing as with the ring, except use the code for the apparel.
    For the bathrobes in the pic, that’s 14a349.  So for Cait the commands would be:

79305.equipitem 14a349 1

  • You can put the same clothes on everyone, or different ones for each. There are lots of websites out there with lists of item IDs, and also directions for finding them in-game.
  • The one downside of this approach is that the NPC’s inventory is emptied.  That’s no big deal if they’re not carrying stuff for you. But if you want to,  you can add weapons and other things back to their inventory by adding another command to the batch file for each NPC, like:

79305.additem  <item ID#>  <quantity>

  • Done! Enjoy the mod!
F4 NPCs with Wedding Ring nude mod
F4 NPCs with Wedding Ring nude mod
Version: 1.0
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