Fallout 4 Diamond City Expansion Naked Strippers

Nude textures for the strippers of Diamond City Expansion in the Fallout 4. This mod makes the striptease dancers use separate files for their bodies to make them nude. Requires Automatron DLC, Contraptions Workshop DLC, Far Harbor DLC, Nuka World DLC, Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, Wasteland Workshop DLC. Credits: Xyloritus.


What’s Included:

  1. Diamond City Expansion
    Install this mod first.
    This is a fantastic add-on to vanilla Diamond City. It expands Diamond City and Fenway Park, adding several new areas to explore both in the city and inside the stadium building. Among many additions, the mod features a new area called the Red Seat District. Prostitution, strip clubs and freakshows.
    Credits: Statsmakten.
  2. Diamond City Expansion Nude Strippers
    Nude textures for the strippers in the Red Seat District added by Statsmakten’s Diamond City Expansion. The mod replaces two bodies in the game.


How to Install Fallout 4 Diamond City Expansion Naked Strippers:

  1. Extract the compressed package with any archiver anywhere you want.
  2. Go to the “Diamond City Expansion” folder and place its content in your game’s common\Fallout 4\Data
    Activate the “Stm_DiamondCityExpansion.esp” file.
  3. Navigate to the “Diamond City Expansion Nude Strippers” folder and put its subfolders and the “.esp” file in Fallout 4/Data
    Activate the “DCENS.esp” file.

Version: 1.0
437.1 MB

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