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Fallout 4 Four-Play Community

This is a sex system, a framework for animations 18+ in Fallout 4 which’s necessary for various other mods that use the functionality of this framework. Added other material necessary for this mod work.

Fallout 4


What’s Required:


What’s Included:

Four-Play Community Patch 2.6.1

This is a sex system, a framework for adult animations in the game. Thanks to vinfamy.
By itself, this mod does nothing, its work requires additional plugins.
All necessary files is shown in the following list points. It’s all in the archive below.

Four_play_0_0_8_2 by DocClox

That’s a sex animation framework.

How to use it:

The module name space is “four_play” and the main quest is four_play:Main

There are two entry points for the module: four_play:Main.four_play and four_play:Main.four_play_main.

four_play:Main.four_play(actor a0, actor a1=None, float duration=30.0)

This takes two actors, picks a random two person animation and starts it going for 30 seconds. You can override the time with the duration flag. If a1 is None, a solo animation is chosen for a0. This function tries to make sure there’s a male actor in the male role (all current animations are solo or m/f) and will swap a0 and a1 to make that happen.

There are also a couple of parameters that probably shouldn’t be there. “happy” is supposed to set a happy expression on the actors faces. I forgot about it until I came to write this. “start_mark” is a marker that can be used to position a0 before sex starts. This is implements but broken, so don’t use it.

function four_play_main(Actor a0, Idle i0, Actor a1=None, Idle i1=None, keyword arch0=none, keyword arch1=none, objectreference start_mark=none, float duration=30.0)

This is a lower level function. Actors a0 and a1 are used in the male and female position respectively. Both idles are specified separately, and in principle can take any animation supplied. The Arch parameters are facial animation archetypes intended to change the expression, duration is how long the animation lasts and start_mark is broken and should not be used.

When either of these functions are called, the a1 actor is moved next to a0 and the idles are started. Actors are stripped and re-dressed – usually, anyway.


This is an animation pack for mod.

Animation List:


  • Blowjob – ground
  • Carry – ground
  • Carry 2 – ground
  • Cowgirl – ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Cowgirl 2 – ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Cowgirl 3 – ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Cowgirl 4 – ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Doggy – ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Doggy 2 – ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Missionary – ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Missionary 2 – ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Powerbomb – ground
  • Reverse Carry – ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Reverse Cowgirl – ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Reverse Cowgirl 2 – ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Spoon – ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Standing Doggy – ground
  • Standing Doggy 2 – ground


  • Aggressive Blowjob – ground
  • Aggressive Carry – ground
  • Aggressive Cowgirl – ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Aggressive Doggy – ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Aggressive Missionary – ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Aggressive Powerbomb – ground


  • Carry – ground
  • Doggy – ground
  • Powerbomb – ground
  • Reverse Carry – ground
  • Standing Doggy – ground
  • Standing Sideways – ground

Four-Play Animations by Crazy 1.3

This file contains the animations made specifically for Four-Play. It contains nothing else, no .esp, scripts, or anything, just the animation files.

Animation List:

  • Jerking & Choking
  • Standing Chokehold (Anal)


  • Wheelbarrow
  • Laying Gorilla
  • Handstand BJ
  • Laying BJ
  • Kneeling 69
  • Layed-Back Fuck


  • Double Penetration
  • Spitroast

Crazy Animation Gun Version

These animations no longer replace vanilla animations. Each animation has its own rug now. Credits: Crazy 6987.

How it works:

Paired Animations

  1. Place the male rug down on the ground.
  2. Place the female rug down on the ground.
  3. Position the rugs so they are right next to each other, side-by-side, like practically touching each other.
  4. Assign NPCs to the rugs or use one of the rugs yourself.
  5. Magic.

Solo Animations

  1. Place one of the solo animation rugs down on the ground.
  2. Assign a NPC to the rug or use the rug yourself.
  3. Magic.

FP Mindless Sex (+ Orgies & Select Duration) 1.2

A simple mindless sex mod to trigger sex scenes at will, select duration or start orgies. Pick actors and trigger multiple sex scenes and ORGIES at will: PC-NPC, NPC-NPC, PC Solo, NPC Solo.

How to use it:

Shoot at someone to pick that person as an actor (Only two-person human animations included in the Framework so far).
First shot: Actor 1 registered.
Second shot: Actor 2 registered.
Third shot (doesn’t matter who you shoot, but it has to hit someone): Both actors cleared.

Fun Time:

Trigger a sex scene by unequip (not sheath) the pistol (To speed things up, you should favourite the sex pistol to a number and your main weapon to another. Press the latter to start a scene):
If no Actor’s been selected: The player masturbates.
If only Actor 1’s been selected: The player has sex with Actor 1.
If both Actor 1 and Actor 2 have been selected: Actor 1 has sex with Actor 2.
If Actor 1 and Actor 2 are the same person: This NPC masturbates.

You’ll get a message box to select the scene duration or cancel the sex scene.

Orgy/ Multiple Scenes:

It is now possible to have multiple scenes running at the same time. You can either follow the steps above to hand-pick each scene (set the duration to 120 to make sure it doesn’t run out too quickly).
Or you can use the Orgy option on the second message box that shows up when you unequip your pistol, this will ignore the actors you selected and instead pick up to 20 actors around you to start a mass orgy automatically.


That’s a tool for installing F4 mods.


How to Install Fallout 4 Four-Play Community:

STEP 1 – Preparation

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the game. Steam should automatically keep your game up-to-date.
  • Run the game at least once to generate the ini’s needed for next step.

STEP 2 – Enable Modding and Papyrus Logging

  • Navigate to Documents/My Games/Fallout 4.
  • Right click on Fallout4Prefs.ini, select Properties, untick Read-only if it’s currently ticked and click OK. Repeat for Fallout4Custom.ini.
  • Open Fallout4Prefs.ini
  • Find [Launcher] section, under it, make sure that bEnableFileSelection=1
  • If [Launcher] or bEnableFileSelection doesn’t exist, add them . It should look like this:
  • Save Fallout4Prefs.ini
  • Still in the same folder, open Fallout4Custom.ini
  • If Fallout4Custom.ini doesn’t exist, create a new text document and name it Fallout4Custom.ini
  • Find/ Create [Archive] section and make sure it looks like this:
  • (Optional but Recommended) Still in Fallout4Custom.ini, find/ Create [Papyrus] section and make sure it looks like this:
  • (Optional but Recommended) Still in Fallout4Custom.ini, navigate to the [General] section (or create one) and add the following:
  • Save Fallout4Custom.ini.
  • Right click on Fallout4Prefs.ini, select Properties, tick Read-only and click OK. Repeat for Fallout4Custom.ini.

STEP 3 – Install F4SE

  • If you didn’t download Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) before, it’s the right time to make it: the latest F4SE.
  • Run f4se installer and follow the installation wizard, remember to double-check whether it finds the correct installation directory for your FO4. Let the installation wizard install F4SE for you.

STEP 4 – Install Mod Manager

Start Mod.Organizer-2.0.7 and use its respective installation wizard to install it.

STEP 5 – Enable Modding and Papyrus Logging (Again)

  • Start Mod Organizer, select Portable.
  • Click on the puzzle icon on the top left of the program’s interface, then INI editor.
  • You’ll notice two ‘tabs’ above the text editor: fallout4.ini and fallout4prefs.ini.
  • Repeat the steps in Step 2 above. Apply the steps for Fallout4Custom.ini to the fallout4.ini tab.
  • Make sure you press the big save button when you finish with each tab.
  • Close the INI editor.

STEP 6 – Install Nude Bodies

  • If you didn’t download Fallout 4 male and female nude mods before, it’s the right time to do it now:
    Fallout 4 CBBE Naked Females
    Fallout 4 Naked Males
  • Use Mod Organizer for their installation. In Mod Organizer, click on the second button from top-left corner (the one with the CD icon).
  • Browse to the one of the archive you just downloaded from nudepatch for the nude female. Click OK. MO will install the mod.
  • The nude mod you just installed will be disabled by default after installation. You need to tick the box next to its name on the left column to enable it.
  • Repeat the above for the nude male mod.

STEP 7 – Install Animation Packs

  • Unpack FO4_AnimationsByLeito_v2.0a. This is the bare minimum animation pack that you’ll need.
  • Install it with Mod Organizer just like you did for the other mods.
  • Make sure that the box on the right column next to Leito…esp mod is unticked.
  • (Optional but Recommended) Also unpack and install Crazy Animation Gun Version and Four-Play Animations by Crazy 1.3

STEP 8 – Install Four-Play Framework

  • Unpack and install Four_play_0_0_8_2 like you did for the other mods.
  • Make sure that both boxes on the right and left column next to Four-Play is ticked (enabled).

STEP 9 – Install Four-Play Community Patch

  • Unpack and install Four-Play Community Patch 2.6.1, overwriting if asked. Install it with Mod Organizer just like you did for the other mods.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t see any separate esp for this patch, it doesn’t have any and overwrites four-play.esp itself.

STEP 10 – Install a Four-Play Plugin

Unpack and install FP Mindless Sex (+ Orgies & Select Duration) 1.2 with Mod Organizer or extract into Data folder.

STEP 11 – Launch the Game via F4SE

  • Still in Mod Organizer, you’ll see a big Run button with an orange triangle. DON’T click on it just yet.
    Immediately to the left of that Run button, you’ll see a dropdown button. Click on it.
  • Select F4SE.
    Now, you can click Run to start the game via F4SE. You always have to start the game via F4SE for Four-Play to work properly.

STEP 12 – Load a Clean Save, Initialize Four-Play Framework and Leito’s Animation Pack

  • Load any save without Four-Play installed on before. All the better if it’s an unmodded save (without the [M]).
  • While in game, wait a few seconds. You should now get a popup asking which animation packs to load, select the appropriate option depending on which animation packs you have installed (I recommend installing all).
  • On the top left corner of your screen, you should see the notification “”Vinfamy: Registered Leito’s animations and initialized Four-Play with Supermutant support”.
  • Followed by a bunch of “Vinfamy: Thanks for installing xyz” if you use my plugins.
  • These indicate that both Four-Play and Leito’s animation pack has been installed correctly.
  • If they don’t show up or if you get “Four-Play Framework has not been installed correctly. Animations won’t start.”, something went wrong and please double-check that you haven’t missed any of the steps above.

STEP 13 – Enjoy

All your Four-Play plugins should now work as described. Leito’s animations should now play, with sounds. Actors involved in sex scenes should strip and redress (redressing may fail sometimes for leveled actors – known issue) correctly.
Check how each plug-in works in description above.

FO4 Four-Play Community Patch
FO4 Four-Play Community Patch
Version: 2.6.1
47.3 MB
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