Resident Evil 3 (2020) Naked Tyrell Patrick

More men of the Resident Evil 3 (2020) are baring it all! If you want to see Tyrell Patrick naked, this mod is the right one for you. No Beard. Without glasses. Erect version. Credits: Tsarev, EvilLord and TrieuPham.



  1. Modmanager
    Fluffy Manager 5000 (v2.223) by FluffyQuack.
  2. Naked Tyrell Patrick Erected.rar
    Nude textures for Patrick.

  1. Unpack the “RE3R-Naked-Tyrell-Patrick-and-modmanager.rar” archive anywhere.
  2. Navigate to the “modmanager” folder and launch “Modmanager.exe”. Go to “Choose game” and select “Resident Evil 3 Remake”.
  3. Direct modmanager to your RE3.exe file with the “Define game path” menu. Close the mod manager.
  4. Put the “Naked Tyrell Patrick Erected.rar” file from unpacked mod’s archive into modmanager’s directory:
    ** Mod file format must be on .RAR file
  5. Launch the Fluffy Manager 5000 again. Go to the list of RE3 mods and click the “Naked Tyrell Patrick Erect – No Beard” mod in the list to install.
  6. Close mod manager.
  7. Run your game.
  8. Have fun!

RE3R Naked Tyrell Patrick and modmanager
RE3R Naked Tyrell Patrick and modmanager
Version: 1.0
71.7 MB

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