Resident Evil 3 (2020) Jill Bad Cop Outfit

Jill runs away from Raccoon City, but upon seeing Nemesis and being attacked by him, she wore the first thing she found, fortunately for us, are the pantyhose she wears on sex nights … and they don’t cover her pussy. Credits: Arison_C and alphaZomega.



  • Jill Bad Cop no panties crotchless pantyhose.rar
    The mod replaces her default costume with bad cop outfit. No panties. Just sexy crotchless pantyhose.
  • Modmanager folder
    Fluffy Manager 5000 by FluffyQuack. Required for the mod’s installation.


How to install:

  • Unpack the modmanager anywhere if you don’t have Fluffy Manager 5000 yet.
  • Place the “Jill Bad Cop no panties crotchless pantyhose.rar” archive into your Fluffy Mod Manager’s RE3R\Mods\ directory.
    It usually looks like: Games\RE3R\Mods\ or Games\RE3R_Demo\Mods\
  • Run modmanager.exe. Direct Fluffy Mod Manager’s to your RE3.exe file with the “Choose Game” menu.
  • Go to the list of RE3 mods and click the “Jill Bad Cop Nude Mod” in the list to install. Close mod manager.
  • Launch the game. In game or before playing you can select the default outfit in costume options.
  • Have fun!


  • Deactivate the mod in FMM.
  • Delete Jill Bikini.rar and the “Jill Bad Cop no panties crotchless pantyhose.rar” from \modmanager\Games\RE3R\Mods.


Q.: Why do the mod not working?

A.: It can be a conflict with other mods. You should uninstall all mods (it means there is no “natives” folder in your game root folder) at first. And click ‘re-read game archives’ in mod manager. Then install this mod for a quick test.

RE3 Jill Bad Cop Nude Mod
RE3 Jill Bad Cop Nude Mod
Version: 1.0
68.0 MB

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