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Resident Evil 3 (2020) Nude Tattooed Jill

This mod replaces Jill’s default costume with an explicit nude texture with tattooes. Contains a custom normal map for that extra level of detail. Requires the base mod – Resident Evil 3 (2020) Nude Jill. Credits: marcus69.



JB – RNJ – Butterfly Tattoo 1 – F&B – S 1.0.rar
A realistic nude skin with tattooes for Jill. Install over the base mod (see Installation).

  • Download and install the base mod here (follow its installation instructions).
  • Unpack the “RE3R_Nude_Tattooed_Jill_Mod.7z” archive anywhere.
  • Put the “JB – RNJ – Butterfly Tattoo 1 – F&B – S 1.0.rar” file from unpacked mod’s archive into modmanager’s directory: Games\RE3R\Mods\
    ** Mod file format must be on .RAR file.
  • Launch “Modmanager.exe”. Go to the list of RE3 mods and click the “Real Nude Jill – Butterfly Tattoo 1 – Front & Back – Shaven 1.0” mod in the list to install. Wait for the application to say in the lower left: “Installed mod: The version of my mod you are using”. Let this mod overwrite the base mod.
  • Close the modmanager.
  • Open the game and have fun!

RE3R Nude Tattooed Jill
RE3R Nude Tattooed Jill
Version: 1.0
18.6 MB
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