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Mass Effect Andromeda Naked Pathfinder

This is a mod for Mass Effect Andromeda that makes a male Pathfinder naked with “Anatomically Correct” genitals. It contains two versions: hairy and hairless. Credits: PlatinumDruggie.


This mod changes the texture of all the naked human models in the game to have “Anatomically Correct” parts. It covers all 12 skin variants for various custom character models.

Due to in-game limitations, the penis has no shape, but the texture tries to make it look real.

What’s Included:

  1. Mod manager
    FrostyModManager_v1.0.5.9. It applies mods and launch the game for you. Credits: GalaxyMan2015.
  2. Mod
    Two versions (you should select one of them):
    • Naked Pathfinder (Hairless).fbmod
    • Naked Pathfinder (Very Hairy).fbmod

  • Extract the “MEA-Pathfinder-nude-mod.7z” anywhere you want.
  • Go to the “FrostyModManager_v1.0.5.9” folder and launch the “FrostyModManager”.
  • Pick .exe file under your game directory.
  • Click Import Mod(s) button and choose one of the mod files.
  • Select the downloaded mod in the left area and click Apply Mods. You can also change the order of the mods as you need in the right area.
  • Make sure the mod you want to enable is checked in the right area.
  • Click Launch.
  • Have fun!

Version: 1.0
344.0 MB
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