ME3 nude skins – dr Eva core sexy suit

Eva’s Naughty Outfit – Mass Effect 3 nude skins.

I’m not even sure it’s that interesting a TexMod, as you only see Eva shortly before she is out of the game again, but it was such an easy edit once I had done EDI’s outfit, that I thought I might as well do it 😛

How to Install:

1. Download  Texmod.exe

2. Click on a folder under the Target Application Folder and go to the Mass Effect 3 . Exe file run
3. Use Texmod mode Package Mode.
4. Click on the little folder and select the downloaded. Tpf file (ME 3 nude mod)
5. Click the Run button and the game will start with a new dr Eva core  texture.

Eva's Naughty Suit
Eva's Naughty Suit
505.7 KB

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