Mass Effect 3 Naked Dancers

This mod gives a nude retexture for dancers whom you meet at Purgatory in Mass Effect 3. Available two versions: a fully nude model or with thigh-high boots and gloves. Thanks to ExxonValdez.

What’s Included:

  • ME3_Dancer_Boots.tpf is nude version with thigh-high boots and long gloves.
  • ME3_Dancer_Nude.tpf is fully nude texture except for a collar and pumps.

How to Install Mass Effect 3 Naked Dancers:

  1. Only one TPF can be applied at one time, so pick your preferred version.
  2. Install it with TexMod.
Mass Effect 3 Nude Dancers Patch
Mass Effect 3 Nude Dancers Patch
Version: 1.0
5.6 MB

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