Dragon Quest XI – Jade Nude Mod

Dragon Quest XI: this patch allows Jade to finally display her sensuality by replacing her basic outfit with sexy nude version. Thanks to crefra13.


  1. The Visual C++ 2017 runtime is a required pre-req.
  2. Download and install Kaldaien’s Special K mod for Dragon Quest XI
  3. Extract Kaldaien’s Special K mod to …\SteamApps\common\Dragon Quest XI\Game\Binaries\Win64
  4. Unzip this mod and place the files from the folder SK_Res to SteamApps\common\Dragon Quest XI\Game\Binaries\Win64
    • Path looks like this:  SteamApps\common\Dragon Quest XI\Game\Binaries\Win64\SK_Res\inject\textures
      Modded textures will go there, subfolder alternatively.
  5. Fix Missing texture Issue of Special K mod:
    • Look in SK’s menu to “Reload Injected Textures” and clicking it is the key to fixing it.
    • Find that button inside Special K:
      • Look under the ‘Direct3D 11 Settings’ tab, you should find a red button labeled ‘Render Mod Tools’. Click on it and a new window will appear.
      • The ‘Reload All Injected Textures’ is another red button that you should find inside that new window, under the ‘Live Texture View’ tab.
  6. Enjoy!

Dragon Quest XI - Jade Nude Mod
Dragon Quest XI - Jade Nude Mod
2.0 MB

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