Mass Effect 2: Nude Dancers mod

Mass Effect 2: this patch contains a fully nude reskin with collar and pumps required by the model. Added a version with thigh-high boots and gloves. Also included a separate, optional file that can update the giant animated screens in Afterlife (and the UI thumbnail) to feature naked dancers. Thanks to ExxonValdez.


This mod affects the dancers at Afterlife, the one on Illium, and Kelly Chambers in her second visit to Shepard’s quarters.

  • ME2_Dancer_Boots.tpf is nude with thigh-high boots and long gloves.
  • ME2_Dancer_Nude.tpf is fully nude except for a collar and pumps.
  • ME2_Dancer_Signage.tpf is a modified signages (the Afterlife menu thumbnail and giant animated screen) for reflection the nude dancers.


Install selected TPF texture files using TexMod.

Mass Effect 2 Nude Dancers Mod
Mass Effect 2 Nude Dancers Mod
Version: 1.0
4.0 MB

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