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Batman Arkham Origins Naughty Gotham

The mod replaces over 660 textures placed throughout the Batman Arkham Origins map with a naughty version. The mod does work for the DLC, Cold Heart. Credits: FallsDipper.

Batman Arkham Origins
Batman Arkham Origins
Batman Arkham Origins


NSFW content is everywhere in Gotham. This could be:

  1. newspapers
  2. posters
  3. billboards
  4. TVs
  5. pictures
  6. street/highway signs
  7. graffiti
    and many more.

The actual porn limits itself to the batman/DC universe to keep the batman theme.

How to Install Batman Arkham Origins Naughty Gotham

Texmod is required to install the mod. Texmod does not work with DX11 features enabled. Follow these steps:

  • Go to this directory: “Steam/SteamApps/common/Batman Arkham Origins/SinglePlayer/BMGame/Config/BmEngine.ini”.
  • Open “BmEngine.ini” with NotePad application.
  • Press Ctrl + F to open a search.
  • Search for the line that reads – “AllowD3D10 = False” (without quotes).
  • “AllowD3D10 = False” change this to “AllowD3D10 = True”.
  • Again use the search keys Ctrl + F and find the line that reads – “AllowD3D11 = True” (without quotes).
  • “AllowD3D11 = True” change this to “AllowD3D11 = False”.
  • Close the document and save.
  • Finished! DX11 now disabled!

Steam Instructions

Steam users may encounter some issues getting Texmod to load correctly. You have to follow the following process to engage both loading and logging capabilities.

  1. Locate your game files, and navigate to “BatmanOrigins.exe” in “Win32” folder: “Steam/steamapps/common/Batman Arkham Origins/SinglePlayer/Binaries/Win32/BatmanOrigins.exe”.
  2. Rename “BatmanOrigins.exe” to “BatmanOriginsOriginal.exe” (without quotation marks).
  3. Download this mod. Extract the “Arkham_Origins_Naughty_Gotham.7z” compressed package anywhere you want. You’ll have the “SpicyTexturePack – no sky.tpf” file. You’ll need it later.
  4. Download the TexMod tool.
  5. Rename “TexMod” to “BatmanOrigins.exe” (without quotation marks), place it with your “BatmanOriginsOriginal.exe” in “Win32” folder.
  6. Start the game via the Steam client. When the TexMod window loads, click the “folder” icon in “Target Application”, select “BatmanOriginsOriginal.exe” and click “Open”. “BatmanOriginsOriginal.exe” now displays as your “Target Application”.
  7. Click “Package Mode”, then the small center “folder” icon to browse your computer’s folders for the “SpicyTexturePack – no sky.tpf” mod’s file. This selected file will now display in the “Package Name” text field. Click “Run”.
  8. When the game’s splash screen displays just before launching, close the “TexMod” window.
  9. That’s up. A lot of the textures do work if you get close to the objects (example, street/highway signs). Enjoy!


If the textures aren’t loading in:

  • Make sure you have Dx11 disabled.
  • There are no bipmaps for each texture. Some textures may not appear till you get closer to it. Example: when 100m away, the game will load a low resolution of the texture to improve game performance and then will load the higher quality texture when 20m away). Try entering one of the buildings where texture sizes are usually locked since everything is close together.
  • Try different game qualities / resolutions. Tested on a laptop, so it worked not at max quality. Try a step down. When the textures were saved in logging mode, the highest dimensions were usually 256×256.  I want to say higher textures tend to be at 512×512 when logged.
    The mod works well with such play settings: 1600×900, V sync on, Anit Aliasing MSAA 2x, Normal Geometry and shadows, Ambient Occlusion Normal, everything else off.
    So you can try turning off reflections first.

There are two ways to download Batman Arkham Origins Naughty Gotham:

Arkham Origins Naughty Gotham
Arkham Origins Naughty Gotham
Version: 1.0
325.8 MB


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  1. I got a problem when I try to download the file it work but block at 46,5 Mo, it worked for other mods but it also did it for the far cry 5 mod. Plz help.

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